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I will be interning at S&R in December, I have not seen much of them in the threads - so wanted an updated and honest opinion about the firm, pay, culture, and practice area I should try to work more with.
How did you even get the internship? They just keep sending that weird automated mail, as if A&O ya Linklaters ho, and not the same toxic lala!
They're already full. Weird people, weird office, the vibes were very off, nothing to learn, unnecessary restrictions, wasted my time interning there I would've easily converted some other internship. That internship left me hanging
They are good people in the firm depends on partners it that they are very choosy with candidates offering internship. I had good exp with S&R
They hadly give out PPOs, they're already full for the 2024 and 25 batch across all offices. Save your time and grab a valuable internship you get where it's easy for you to convert. I travelled for some other city for their internship, wasted a lot of money
same have a December internship too, can someone tell this as well?
Have they been doing any M&A, General Corporate work? (Haven’t seen much coverage etc about the same tbh)

If yes, which Partners at the Mumbai/ Delhi office do this, what are the reviews about their teams?