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please disclose the number of PPOs or PPO interviews handed out till now in your college for the 2025 batch. Ill go first -

jindal - 2 azb mumbai (corp/m&a)
excuse me? they ENTERED fourth year. to a get a ppo, they had to at minimum intern for two month, with a maximum time gap of what? 6 month? that was clearly 5th or 6th semester. do we look this dense to you?
Law day Ka Raja, Pehli Internship Mei Bhi Mil Jaata Hai PPO. You need to have the work ethics.
sir time has passed. 2026 batch people are doing callbacks and CAM, S&R has offered internships already (known for 1 internship PPOs)
Easy brother, itne toh NLUJ hasn’t got for the prev batch also 🀣🀣
Bhai where did you get this info from? The batch didn’t even properly receive internships lmao
For the record this is a guy from nlu kidding with the numbers. He mentioned that in a thread in this forum itself.

In reality , sls Pune I struggling to get these many internships
7 PPOs from SLS, Pune's 2025 batch and 11 call backs given separately. Not allowed to disclose anything but this year the placements will also be as stellar as last year.
I really doubt this, could you name the PPOs first. I think that can be disclosed, I cant believe the batch already has 7 PPOs
The separate call backs were not possible literally. And also 6 of them are PPOs
What’s the status of hnlu? You’ll find them anywhere but here xD

AZB- 4

HSF- 2

Veritas- 2

CAM- 1
Khaitan- 1

JSA- 1

Saraf- 1

Spice Route- 1
It's a reply to the Jindal comment, buddy. Interpret it as you see fit