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Genuine query. All my life I have studied and debated. I am not into alcohol or into drugs. I am coming into Jindal via decent scholarship(i couldn’t afford JGLS on my own) which can tell y’all that I belong to upper middle class family. Plus I am leaving a tier-3 nlu for jgls. But recently several threads here and there have been scaring me a bit. The drug culture has gotten worse at Jindal apparently. Will that affect me? And then there are the rich and powerful who are undoubtedly influential. Now just because they have the ‘rich’ tag doesn’t make them automatically venomous. But do they tolerate dissent? Do they acknowledge merit?
Honestly - yes. The drug culture is so bad that there is basically an open air market by night. You can’t go to certain parts of campus because of it. No one will ask you to do drugs- but that’s not how peer pressure works right ? You will constantly have access to it, and your friends who do it will tell you how it’s really not a big deal - it just helps them relax. Whatever . All it takes is one low moment which everyone has during their life- and someone will hand you a joint or something and there you go.

What’s worse - the admin doesn’t take responsibility for things that happen as a consequence. You can’t find medical treatment for addiction on campus. You over dose or you get hurt - and admin will run away from you like you’re a ticking bomb.

In addition to this there’s the problem of general violence and particularly sexual violence on campus. Every year more and more of these instances are pushed under the carpet. Security guards and admin and staff who have been accused of or found with female students in states of undress - all because they promised some erasing of disciplinary records or supplied them with drugs , or even threatened them with something. The admin sweeps it under the rug. If you ask them how many of these complaints have been made in a year they won’t be able to tell you. It’s an epidemic.

Even non- sexual violence. First week here I heard a story about some 500 students getting into a mass fight over a cigarette.

Parents should try to speak to current students or even faculty before signing up their kids for this place
But will your tier 3 NLU give you the chance to be tennis buddies with the son of a top law firm owner, or date the daughter of a top industrialist :) As for drugs, no one is forcing you to do it. And let me tell you that 80% of NLU kids have smoked weed or drunk bhang at least once, including girls.
JGLS is pretty unlikable place. A drop year would be much wise of a decision than opting for whatever JGLS is.

They look at theirs students as money making machines.

The one good thing about JGLS is its pathway programme but even that is full of shit when you get to the bottom of it, it's also nothing but a complex money making scheme.
I have already dropped a year for this year’s clat. But I will retake the exam without dropping further. Till then I have to choose Jgls it seems
No is going to force you to drink alcohol or consume drugs.

Both cost money.

You have to ask yourself if you will feel the desire to do them.

But this whole drug culture in law schools thing is a joke.

Drugs are done in most colleges and no one bats an eye lid.
Keep in mind states like Punjab and Haryana have quite a lot of drugs going on in general, does that mean you shouldn't set foot in these states?

At some point you need to be personally responsible.
If you don’t drink or do drugs AND don’t have a safety net (meaning connections to get you a job), Jindal is NOT the place for you. Let me elucidate this by talking about a student who we will call Mr. D. In his first year, Mr. D was very ambitious and hardworking chap who believed in doing extensive networking. Mr. D doesn’t come from a very well off family and is middle class. Over the second-third year, Mr. D, in the company of his ”friends” started abusing substances including hard drugs (MD). Slowly, he became an addict and was so dependent on it that the doctor couldn’t differentiate whether he had schrizopenia or if he was acting under the influence of drugs. Anyways, Mr. D is now home and is giving up on the degree. His parents, who are not very well off have lost upwards of 32 Lakhs on his education (he was in the fourth year). If you can get a job due to daddy’s contacts then go ahead and join Jindal!