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Hi, I am an A0 at a T1. I’m about to complete a year and for some reason I’m still not comfortable with partner conversations in case of some partners (specially the equity and senior ones). I have a constant fear of being judged as too stupid and not being able to understand what they mean. I try to follow the thought process and incorporate what they want but there is still always something left. How do I get over the fact that it’s fine if I can’t get 100% (hell even 70%) of what they say. They have been practising since before I was born. It’s hampering my confidence because the moment I get staffed with them it’s a wave of dread
No, You are not stupid.

These partners would not have half of knowledge you have when they were your age.

Try to make sure that you don't repeat mistakes.

I think the best solution is to talk to someone who is reliable and has walked that path before you.

Don't take a hit on your confidence.