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I recently came across several UPSC results and unsurprisingly found that ‘only’ Tier-1 NLU grads have qualified for this exam with flying colours. First of all big congratulations to NUJS. They have been able to shrug off the corporate tag to a large extent. NOW to the main point. Where are my fellow Tier-2 and Symbi grads who encourage folks not to join tier-1 as there will be not be any ‘SIGNIFICANT’ difference? You can see a clear blatant difference not only in employment reports but even in exams like UPSC as well. I saw this growing trend in legally India when someone made a post about how tier-2 and tier-3(really?smhhh) don’t care about the tag and keep on trolling top colleges because of their batch strength(which apparently will dilute excellence) and campus sizes?????

Where are you dear folks? I guess y’all will be able to come up with a well-researched answer. I will honestly urge the mod to discard this post because genuine discussions are what legally India is known for.
How did you figure out from UPSC results which university the students came from? Just because some post on LI, that doesn't mean everyone does.
Bwahahahahahahha. Tier-1 won. Capitalism won. We won over the tier-2 hatred.