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Imagine being so elite and disconnected from the realities of Indian society that you argue for exclusion of people from impoverished backgrounds.
To think that a law entrance exam is supposed to check the "quality of lawyer" is precisely what is wrong. Same goes for NEET/JEE.
And how will those students handle having to study heavy duty content to study in English and all classes in English immediately after admission? Nobody thinks of that! This makes them go into depression, questioning their self worth. Suicides also follow.
Obviously man , they are , I'm not deluded , but if you thinks that 150 marks question exam which does not checks even a single percent of quality of lawyer inside you is hard , then you must be in delusional.
Here comes another troll with a tier-3 private law school background
If you think they are 'far far' difficult exams , then lmao you are deluded.
I think that the Logical reasoning, maths and GK section can be conducted in regional language. It will make sure that the students from vernacular medium school at least get a chance at cracking the exam
Jee and neet are far far far better exams than clat, and they used to conduct their examinations in regional languages!

Clat and difficulty -two paradoxical words!
Their kith and kin can't make it through and can only go to Jindal and IILUER Goa.
What’s the problem of Delhi HC? Now they want to dilute the difficulty level of this exam. The hell