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Its an education mall. You can ask for more marks, attendance, alternative assessments and the admin will interfere and hand it to you. You pay fees so you are god. Its pretty great for all the rich kids it houses.
See the only reason not to join jgls is the fact that there are better law clgs in the country.
I think the larger point is that services are not commensurate to the amount of money charged.

Bad food which is better than even bad food of other messโ€™ (across the country) is still bad.
OP is such a spoilt brat! The mess at Jindal is quite good and you also have many top fast food outlets on campus.
Hello, out of place comment, but via MHCET I got into Ils, leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
Tuna yeh sawaal pehle bhi kiya tha. Yes itโ€™s a damn good choice , stop asking and spamming
My daughter studies at jindal. She tells me that there are Whatsapp groups dedicated to peddling substances. As a parent, I am deeply concerned about my childโ€™s choices and here future.
This is very true. This year during Holi, many of the students had done acid. Man, I have heard bhaang during Holi. But acid? That is something else only. And how did it come in with such seemingly stringent security protocols?
Hi, out of place comment, but I got into Ils recently, and am leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
Vaping is illegal. Drinking and smoking amongst students is not normal. Don't rationalise and normalise your failings by projecting them upon others.
There's at least two entertainment avenues I've surmised are present in the campus - drugs, and โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ. Shallow? Yes! Entertainment? Also, yes.
I don't think OP is from Jindal. OP is possibly from another law school and jealous of Jindal's success.
I have visited Jindal for a fest and a moot, and if Jindal's food is bad then you should have a reality check. Don't know about the rest but I cannot imagine having that many options at every meal anywhere else in the country and it tasted damn well too.
You missed out the bad/mediocre placements for the masses and only a few good ones for we all know who.
I agree with your points, but if you think that the mess food at Jindal is bad, you are truly super-privileged and have never visited the mess in a government College.
Since we are graduating, letโ€™s discuss why fresher batches should not opt for Jindal. I will start: apathetic admin, huge drugs abuse culture, no culture/entertainment inside campus, horrible mess food