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Since we are graduating, letโ€™s discuss why fresher batches should not opt for Jindal. I will start: apathetic admin, huge drugs abuse culture, no culture/entertainment inside campus, horrible mess food
I agree with your points, but if you think that the mess food at Jindal is bad, you are truly super-privileged and have never visited the mess in a government College.
Hello, out of place comment, but via MHCET I got into Ils, leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
You missed out the bad/mediocre placements for the masses and only a few good ones for we all know who.
Don't forget the obvious: dearth of job opportunities. Simply put, there are tooo many people in every batch. A lot of the big firms don't even bother coming to JGU โ€” but even for those who come, hire a total of less than 1% of the batch size of JGLS.

Plus, you have to constantly grind to get a great CGPA and rank โ€” the cutoff CGPA for sitting for any half-decent firm's interview is much higher than in any other college.

And another caveat: if you like to drink/party/smoke/vape like normal human beings, getting caught by the ever snoopy guards can mean that you'd get blacklisted from placements.

At the end of the day, most people who get T1 internships get it either through their own contacts, or by virtue of being in the absolute top 0.1% of the batch. And even then, it is their own hard work that can get them PPOs.

So, for everyone else apart from the absolute toppers, only try coming here if you can afford to earn nada in random Tier 3 offices.
Vaping is illegal. Drinking and smoking amongst students is not normal. Don't rationalise and normalise your failings by projecting them upon others.
Technically no, the use of the Vape itself is not illegal. Its everything around it, you as a user are not in the illegality.

Yes drinking and smoking among students is pretty fkin common. I would say 90 percent of all college students do do it. (law, medical, engineering etc whichever houses 18-21 year olds.)
Nope. Many students across the country go to university as day scholars. They dont do all this. If you have a problem- own it. A 17 year old damaging their brains and their health is not normal. Anywhere. And yall dont have one drink and stop- its binge drinking and alcoholism. Thats not normal. Anywhere.
Hi, out of place comment, but I got into Ils recently, and am leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
Tuna yeh sawaal pehle bhi kiya tha. Yes itโ€™s a damn good choice , stop asking and spamming
I have visited Jindal for a fest and a moot, and if Jindal's food is bad then you should have a reality check. Don't know about the rest but I cannot imagine having that many options at every meal anywhere else in the country and it tasted damn well too.
Adding on the the drugs/alcohol/smoking/vape abuse problem, recently there was a case where one boy overdosed on drugs and died inside campus. Rumour says the university authorities dumped his body outside, after which he was taken to the hospital.

(It was even covered in the media under a different headline ofcourse :

Drugs/alcohol/vaping/smoking is a huge problem at jindal. The admin regularly (under political and monetary pressure) lets peddlers of these substances get away. Only the small fishes are caught and severely reprimanded.
This is very true. This year during Holi, many of the students had done acid. Man, I have heard bhaang during Holi. But acid? That is something else only. And how did it come in with such seemingly stringent security protocols?
My daughter studies at jindal. She tells me that there are Whatsapp groups dedicated to peddling substances. As a parent, I am deeply concerned about my childโ€™s choices and here future.
As a college student, I respect and feel for you and all other parents. I'm not in Jindal, but even in my NLU, the alcohol, smoking, vaping and weed culture was quite strong. It's sad seeing kids lose themselves like this, and even more sad when I put myself in the position of the hapless parent.

It's worse with girls. In most cases and universities, girls will study and attend classes sufficiently to score alright so you will not get the early warning signs. Besides, girls, especially those with a rebellious character tend to really get lost in the drugs and casual sex/abusive relationship world. This is not a prejudiced judgement, but merely my observation.

At least, with boys they suffer less from meaningless sex and they tend to give a lot of warning signs - attendance backs, failing exams, getting into fights, getting injured when high etc. Boys also tend to pay for their own drugs so if you detect suspicious spending that's a good tell. Girls, unfortunately, can sometimes exchange their bodies for drugs, or hide it with other regular yet expensive purchases such as cosmetics.

It really makes me very sad that the youth squanders itself and it's parents' hardwork and sincere hopes in such futile self-destruction. I am sorry, dear parent, for my generation is lost and is a very poor influence on all but the most strong in their paths.

As for what you can do... Trust, but verify. Try to be very open and appear non-judgemental with your child. Tell them you trust them as an adult they'll take the right decisions. You don't have to actually believe it, but you have to say it convincingly so your child tells you things hoestly.

Other than that, follow their social media activity (including Instagram and snapchat, including their time online especially late at night or in class timings). If necessary make surprise visits, or develop in-hostel contacts who can keep you up to date (good hearted seniors, or batchmates, who are freindly and wish well for you kid).
LOL. Youโ€™ve been watching too much Netflix. NLU girls are not into drug use beyond an occasional joint. And they are certainly not trading their bodies in exchange for money to buy drugs! The phenomenon of girls going to into prostitution to fund a drug habit is a uniquely American problem.
What you are saying is revealing and alarming. So what if I say I know that my child is into all worse possible acts whatโ€™s solution? and yes I am so perturbed by seeing complete disregard to everything good โ€ฆ.I did not know all these years our efforts to build better world can turn into demonic.

JLU u are killing our children slowlyโ€ฆ.morally ethically and physically. You are selfish! And you donโ€™t care.

Karm ka yog sabke liye hai
You cannot at the end of the day expect university administration to parent your children. Parent your children. keep a close eye on their finances, teach them good values, talk to them about how their lives are. Be involved. You have sent your kid to a fairly troubled environment.
I think the larger point is that services are not commensurate to the amount of money charged.

Bad food which is better than even bad food of other messโ€™ (across the country) is still bad.
The point regarding a lack of culture/entertainment options is very true. Campus can get very lonely on weekends as most of the Delhi NCR crowd goes home during the weekends. There is literally nothing in/outside campus and we have to do with thekas. Part of the reason why there is a rampant substance abuse culture is because there is nothing to do.
The point pertaining to placements has already been covered so I will address the point regarding the deteriorating quality of faculty

There are only so many Oxford/Cambridge LLMs that the college can recruit in a year. With the number of recruitments happening, the quality of faculty is deteriorating. Infact, the whole USP of the university at a time was globalisation/international faculty (or atleast foreign LLM). That too is going down (because Raj is spending the money in expansion). Between 2018 and my graduation, the quality of faculty really went down as the college is now recruiting local LLMs.
There is another problem as well. Those who do LLMs abroad in commercially and practically relevant subjects, such corporate law or arbitration or tech/IP, usually end up working in industry. So Jindal is forced to recruit those with LLMs in human rights law and constitutional law, compounded by Rajโ€™s own background in human rights and bias towards the field. As a result, you have too many professors teaching electives with no practical relevance and employment potential. Some of them also exhibit a leftist/woke mindset, the problem with which is that you indoctrinate students with impractical and arcane writings divorced from the real world and economic realities. Stuff which has very little law in it and is better suited for a JNU humanities course.
See the only reason not to join jgls is the fact that there are better law clgs in the country.
Its an education mall. You can ask for more marks, attendance, alternative assessments and the admin will interfere and hand it to you. You pay fees so you are god. Its pretty great for all the rich kids it houses.
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