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I want an honest answer, no sass please. I am an Associate who has worked in the disputes team of a T1 firm for 3 years. I want to move abroad but do not know how to.

Can anyone explain the process of how to move laterally to a foreign firm? If agencies can help, please give me a few names. If not, who should I contact?

Does an LLM help in finding a job abroad, specifically in Europe? I was looking at profiles of individuals with prestigious LLMs (eg: Harvard, Oxford, the MIDS LLM for disputes etc), and most either come back to India, or are still trainees or interns at foreign firms. Is there ANY university LLM that would help in finding a job abroad?
You really can’t get a job through LLM. Rather go for MBA
I would love to try for an MBA, but it isn't that simple. I'm sure need some business acumen or experience to get into a good MBA program. Any way I can get that after 3 years at a law firm?
At least you can have the work ex required for the MBA. Sit for GMAT
GMAT scores aren't enough though, and MBAs are expensive. Any insight on how to get a scholarship for an MBA?
Target a very good score in gmat (this helps in scholarship trust me). GMAT scores actually matter. Your GPA in your college. Your work ex (the number of years don’t matter - what matters is your work performance) and a bloody strong SOP. You can get full ride
that's far from the truth. Every year Indians get a job in the US after an LLM. The number of folks that will make it depends on the market, but happens every year.
What will you practice abroad since you were in Disputes?
Most likely International arbitration. A lot of US and UK firms work on India-focused disputes too so general litigation is also an option.
As someone who wishes to have a similar career trajectory, this thread would be helpful. Please comment, people!
Can someone please help with this? Or connect me to someone who can help?
Hi there! Idk how useful this is to you but I was hired by a foreign law firm due my knowledge of the local language. I got in touch with them 3 years ago by contacting every recommended law firm in the list published by the embassy of the particular country. I’ve been part of the India Desk of my law firm and worked on numerous deals in India. Funnily enough, I find myself in the exact opposite situation and I’m going to move back to India in a T1. All the best to you!
Hi, any particular reasons why you want to move back to India? I always assumed that work-life is much better abroad
I have never worked in India but I can definitely say that the work-life balance here is great. I get 3.5 weeks off for summers and no calls on weekends (work gets stuck and sometimes it can be annoying, for me atleast). I am moving back to India for a year or so mainly to upskill myself on Indian Law as this skill is gaining great interest here (I get cold calls from other firms here inspite of having just 3PQE). The knowledge of the language is a huge plus however, I know 2 other Indian lawyers that have settled here without knowing it.