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Sadly, two whole generations of NLU grads (Gen X and Gen Y) are too old to benefit from this :(
I literally feel like dancing to Naatu Naatu !!

My message to all the Lala firms: πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–• πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

In just 5 years time, these firms will be lucky if even Amity grads apply to them.
You know it is unlikely that foreign firms will become the largest employers in India even in 5 years... Most will probably stay quite small operations...
That's what people thought about audit firms when they were allowed in at first, within 2-3 years they hired more than all existing Indian audit firms put together
Would this make Private International Law see more momentum among students and lawyers alike?
This must be linked to the UK-India FTA, I guess? Ameet Datta from Saikrishna has also tweeted this. Anyway, great news and thank you Mr Sunak and Mr Modi!
Another Masterstroke by Modi! Surgical striked all over Lala firm’s annals.
My hope is this should democratize law firms and legal services. Let this infuse more professionalism, investment and technology, the sector is lagging so hard. EU US firms were doing 15 years ago what passes off as state of the art today in India.
Everyone is coming - dla piper like firms have been hunting for Indian grads for ages now
Bhai - they were hunting for their foreign offices. If the Indian grads are so good, but they cant use them in India the moment they hire them as associate/partner, then why come to India in the first place?
For the transaction work on non-litigious matters - literally been pointed there
Foreign firms can't practice Emirati, Singaporean or Chinse law as well. Doesn't stop firms from having offices in Dubai, Singapore or Shanghai.
No bro - see the proviso above. Its a proviso in the same para 8(2). The moment you are retained as associate/ partner, you can advise on Indian laws. Your state bar registration is no good. Only foreign laws.
Please also read 9(iii). They will simply enter into advisory agreements with their employee lawyers. There are thousands of workarounds. It’s the same thing that happened in the Singapore market.
yar bas itna batado kabtak aajaenge ye log, hogya hai mera tier 1 se
This is huge, will surely increase more options and increase in average pay and a further hike in highest pay.
Will it help insolvency lawyers? I am starting my career in IBC practice (transactional).
Here's the real deal. It's a great move, but it will take at least 15-20 years to radically transform the legal landscape. Thus, the real beneficiaries will be Gen Alpha and Gen Beta, rather than Gen X/Y/Z.
I will be graduating in 2028. What might be the possible scenario after this change when I am done with my graduation?
Exactly, I used to find accounts like these and think, "Ye konse certification/membership hai jo HSF mein vacation scheme karne wale k pas bhi nahi hai
Abbey Pehle graduate to kar le. Graduate nahin hoga to foreign kya- district court mein bhi naukri nahil milegi.
Agree. All the excitement is about nothing. They'd rather stay abroad and do what they do than paying in India for the same
Seems like kids from colleges are messaging here. Nothing is changing. Chill.
How much of what non litigation lawyers in India work upon is taught to them in colleges?

Foreign law can also be learned while at work. Look at tech folks. Nothing of what they do is taught to them in colleges.
Sshhh... don't mention foreign LLMs! If there's one thing LI readers hate it's people with foreign LLMs (because they are jealous). Typical reactions: "privileged", "rich", "savarna", "nepo kid", "woke human rights kid" etc πŸ˜‚
Meanwhile our taxes have increased. Unemployment has increased. Social divisiveness has increased. Prices have increased. The number irrational and over reaching laws has increased. Curbs on free speech have increased. The divide between the rich and the poor has increased.
Buddy, the poor were even worse off before liberalisation, under Nehru and Indira licence raj. So were civil liberties, with only 1 government news channel (DD) and no internet.
The billables of foreign law firms are significantly higher than the Indian Law firms so I don't think that's gonna happen
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FYI, Just want to clarify, there's no way for us to verify that it's an authentic initiative, so sign at own risk, though the letter seems to be well-argued and well-intentioned. Is it an anonymous group that's behind this petition? Any more information you can share?
@legally India, why error 404 is coming if we're trying to start up a new conversation?
Hi, thanks for reporting, the link from the homepage was broken, this has now been fixed.
I really hope this impacts the syllabus taught in law schools to cover laws that are pertinent internationally more. Also teach corp, M&A, compliance in more depth as migration chances or working for foreign firms might increase
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