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Hi everypne,

I graduated last year. I had no job offer at that time after applying here and there joined a chamber of a lawyers but did not like the work which was offered to me. after that again I applied here and there and got a job offer in a LLP. I was working in Insolvency and bankcruptcy team. But they did not give me work which I expected they were giving me managerial work nothing legal because of that I resigned. Now it's been one month since I am looking for a job. I have no practical experience and want to learn things. Being first gen lawyer and completing LLB from NON-NLU college it is very difficult to find a job.
One issue could be, reading between the lines, is that you don't seem to be enthusiastic about the career? The beginning of a lot of legal jobs can be boring and managerial. Maybe your lack of interest or disillusionment is showing up in your applications also - recruiters and partners can sometimes tell. Also it could be a warning sign that you've had two jobs in a year, which you will need to be able to explain. If the career is still for you, maybe consider to fake it till you make it?
Actually it not what you think at first job/internship they were not paying anything and also they did not give any drafting related work that was also fine but the main reason from leaving there was they asked me to do their personal work. At second job the reason for leaving was that I got to know from my other colleagues that they are not gonna give me any legal work as they used to hire lawyers from outside to handle the matter as IBC cases are high stake cases so it was a total waste of time if I continued there. The only thing about this career makes me crazy is working hours I just can not work for 12 hours and from monday to saturday. I find it very hectic. Every law firm asks to work till late and I find it very wrong TBH.
Working late hours is unfortunately unavoidable in this profession. But this entire talk around earning a senior's trust etc., is so fake. I have seen seniors give work to those juniors they like (read those that buy them Starbucks coffee, chocolates and other expensive things, those juniors that throw expensive parties), and are willing to look past their mistakes and go out of their way to be nice to them, but the same seniors will be rude and will not give work to those that come to office, mind their own business and stick to work without getting personal. And this when a senior (SA or PA), and sometimes, even the Partner makes spelling and grammatical mistakes, and yet they talk about "hard work", "passion", and "dedication". Not sure about firms like KCo, SAM, AZB etc, but this sort of stuff definitely happens in Tier 2 firms.
Can we figure something out first? What is the work that you want to do? And in particular what were you expecting to be provided?
Non nlu is no excuse buddy. I know of many Non nlu people who've made it big. Plus being a first gen is also no excuse. Did you try multiple internships, research paper writing, attending work shops, apply for assessment internship during your final year? Try to understand the work and deliver a good well drafted or researched work. Once the senior gains trust they will give you other work too.
Please mention in brief how Non-NLUite made it big ? In Law firms or in Litigation ?