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What % of students generally in every batch have a girlfriend in your law schools? Vice versa for boyfriends. Could be frm d same college or outside. NALSAR has roughly 30% of total students in relationships, over 50% boys and girls virgin in my batch (yes). What are your stats?
Does NALSAR circulate a google form wherein one has declare one's virginity status?
How did you even collect the statistics? Sabse ek ek karke pucha kya?
This is actually an important topic, if discussed objectively and seriously. Today’s youth have more freedoms, but in many ways are more regressive in matters of dating than even their parents generation. The internet and Andrew Tate have taught Gen Z to treat girls as sex objects. It is a horrible “tradition” in law schools (including top NLUs) where toxic senior boys “rate” fresher girls and take bets to prey on them, eventually gaslight them. Sadly, many girls consent to such toxicity in the hope that the seniors will help with their projects and internships, as in the neoliberal economy you are under pressure to work in a corporate law firm and you are judged by people on superficial parameters, rather than personality. Relationships in law school have no meaning. Just empty hookups where people use each other.

Matters are made worse because of the skewed gender ratio in law schools. You would think more girls would be getting into law schools, but it’s diminishing rather than increasing. Not sure why.
western culture and soft power will try to normalize pre-marital sex, don't get fooled by it. although, few people have a partner in either their batch or junior batch. but the most I've seen is basically, a game to get favors and guidance in the garb of a relationship(senior boyfriend/junior girlfriend) for junior and sex opportunity for senior male. same batch relationship are mostly infatutation or intial likeness but 5 years of committment and rigour breaks even least of materialistic relationship in college.
casual hookup by gold digger and sex opportunist is basically a trade off and it came happens at any position and at any batch etc etc.
you'll see 10-15 relationship during your every of the 5 years you'll spend and you'll see hardly one making through.
i would like to see a world where men would've easily gotten sex and i guess we'll see alot of things non-happening.
Honestly? This is what India’s brightest law students are spending their time on?

I know that socialising and breaking strict rules your parents imposed and finding some connection when you’re in an isolated campus seems like the most important thing at your age.

But I want you to ask yourself if in 5 years, 10 years you’d really care if random strangers you know had sex and with whom. It’s just not something to be competitive about. It doesn’t hurt or help your life in any way. You won’t be more of a virgin or more of a whore because of someone else’s sexual habits.

Five months out of law school I had lost touch with all but 10-15 close friends. In five years that number came down to 5-6. It’s been ten years now and I can’t remember names of classmates when I see old graduation photos. And while I don’t talk to any of my law school friends in the everyday sense- I like meeting them once in a while and catching up and having it be just like old times. I don’t care at all and most times don’t remember who dated who in college . It’s so ridiculously unimportant from the other side of the looking glass I can’t believe I wasted so much energy on that stuff when I was younger.

What has helped me though is paying attention to my relationship with the law - figuring out if I like it - figuring out what I can do with it- how I can get better at it. That stuff stays. Study. It’s good for you.

If you genuinely feel affection for someone - or if you just want to hook up- go for it. But honestly stressing and obsessing about this is just not worth the time. There are better things to do.
Sounds like a pretty boring lifestyle? Even after so many years of life, you didn't realise the true meaning? Law is not everything, it's just a job, it's a practice. Leave it in your office/ courts. Stop propagating this work hustle culture, some people truly value relationships outside work/ studies after college[/] internships
I think most of us would rather have the work culture than useless gossip that actually makes people more insecure and disillusioned with life.

Since you’re still some little kid going to a law school, I wouldn’t expect you to understand. You’ll realise how transient all these “relationships” are once you grow up and mature a bit.
Not boring at all. Not in a law firm. Not doing the grind. Have lived in many many countries and made friends everywhere. Have dated a number of people i find interesting. Dated in college too- just didn’t obsess over it. Have grown by leaps and bounds. Actually love my job. Not one day regretting choosing law. New hobbies and interests everyday.

The sad lifestyle is what happens when you live to compete with other folks and think your social connections define you. Batchmates some of them still think like they’re in high school. Still cling to their law school buddies, still hate their jobs and their bosses. Only work to earn money so they can compare with other classmates and feel worse about themselves. Still obsess over who has sex and with whom. Pathetic puny stuff.

Build a good relationship with yourself- and with the law - cause that will dictate what opportunities are open to you.
This post on how many folks are virgins and stats for people in relationships is not valuing relationships lol. It’s treating people like meat. And treating relationships like a trophy.