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Janhavi Gadkar was a corporate lawyer at Talwar Thakkore & Associate and Reliance Industries.

After getting drunk. She rammed her Audi into a cab and killed/maimed an entire family.

She and her Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas ex Husband used the most expensive lawyers in Mumbai.

Last update was that - she was trying to get her license back after drunk driving and killing people ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Janhavi Gadkar?

Probably enjoying her life vacationing in Europe. The last update showed her taking a bail and requesting her passport for European and African Tours. Check Times of India.

She is rich. The chances of her going to jail is less than 1%
Her ex husband is not with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas anymore.
She is still working with Reliance but is not on their rolls.

But why don't you just let her live her life without your unnecessary judgment? If someone does something stupid once doesn't make them a terrible human being, which isn't to say she shouldn't be held accountable for her actions.

And what would you do if you were in this situation? Use the cheapest lawyer or request the court to condemn you to the longest possible sentence?

Maybe you've never been in a situation in life where if it were not for a little bit of luck or just the dumb roll of the dice, your life could have turned upside down - but I have and hence I can empathize with her.
From what I read she was driving drunk and speeding on the wrong side. Her actions got people killed. It wasnโ€™t even an accident where someone came in front of her car unexpectedly, it was a string of her bad decisions that caused it. Donโ€™t downplay that as just a mistake.
that's one decent seat wasted from any educational institution you studied.
I hope your relatives are always born with a silver spoon so that they never have to take rickshaw for even single day.
shame on you
Wow. Janhavi Gadkar is now working in Reliance Industries as In House Lawyer?

It's so sad to see Indian Justice system being like this. The only reason she escaped prison was because of (1) Wealth (2) power (3) Gender - women are given less punishments and less convictions.

Janhavi Gadkar's case had the highest amount of Evidence in any Drunk Driving Case in India - an innocent family was brutalized.

The worst part is not Janhavi not getting convicted. It's that recently she appealed before some Mumbai Court to get her driving license back so โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ and go Scott free.

The moment Janhavi gets her license back - Prosecutor dealing with her case should stop practicing law.


Why didn't Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa or even Reliance Industries didn't take any action against her?

All of this puzzles me.
Please focus on your jobs and life. Hers is none of your concern. You can't blame judiciary. It is of the highest order! The same judiciary took the right decision that modi was not responsible for the Gujarat riots. Considering that was accepted whole heartedly, even janhavi not being responsible and getting her license back must be accepted! It wasn't intentional! It was a mistake. You'll need to focus on your lives and trust judiciary always!!
If she was some son of minister or some hotshot famous person and whole legal fraternity would've made her/his life hell.

But this person is left Scot free
Because lawyers are hypocrites. We never question the bad apples among our community.

I am sure that by a few more years Janhavi Gadkar will change her name or get a gag order against even this thread on Legally India.