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Janhavi Gadkar?

Probably enjoying her life vacationing in Europe. The last update showed her taking a bail and requesting her passport for European and African Tours. Check Times of India.

She is rich. The chances of her going to jail is less than 1%
From what I read she was driving drunk and speeding on the wrong side. Her actions got people killed. It wasnโ€™t even an accident where someone came in front of her car unexpectedly, it was a string of her bad decisions that caused it. Donโ€™t downplay that as just a mistake.
that's one decent seat wasted from any educational institution you studied.
I hope your relatives are always born with a silver spoon so that they never have to take rickshaw for even single day.
shame on you
And what would you do if your family, friend or neighbour died in such accident ?
There seems to be no news coverage on this at all. So media has also forgotten and moved on? Did a modicum of justice get delivered ?
If she was some son of minister or some hotshot famous person and whole legal fraternity would've made her/his life hell.

But this person is left Scot free
Because lawyers are hypocrites. We never question the bad apples among our community.

I am sure that by a few more years Janhavi Gadkar will change her name or get a gag order against even this thread on Legally India.
Guys lets file a PIL, someone make a whatsapp group. If nobody cares about the poor, atleast some anonymous members of a troll site should begin the 2nd renaisance
Why wasnt my comment published ??

The matter was reserved for final arguments in 2021.

The Accused is out on bail, and her driving licence is also renewed.

What does 'reserved for final arguments mean? I hope that poor family with the father dead is being taken care of. What a sham....change your name, work with an influential organisation and move on. Sorry - rant
make discord server, we are after you. i am sure she will give money or use connection to bail out because matter thande hote hi sab bach jate hai.

STILL Pending in 2023...

Why is jhanvi gadar still not in JAIL? Why is she still out chilling after killing?
There are rapes and murders from 2010 which haven't started trial as yet, ye toh kuch nahi hai bhai, go to courts once, only selective cases are taken up by ops
Putting her in jail can't bring those victims.

But she should pay few crore Rupees as compensation and what we call blood money.

Minimum she should pay IR 40 crore to the estate and inheritance of deceased and direct to those injured.
Bhai behen. That entire family wouldn't earn a crore in generations. Who made you a lawyer? I hope you don't become a judge
dude she was a senior at TT&A and her hubby a PA at CAM, they can manage 2-3 crores and still manage to save.
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