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How can i have a talk with you, am a LL.B. student and want some guidance or want to ask some doubts.
SEBI used to hire directly from NLS. The guy who got in from our batch will be making your lives difficult now. :D
I happen to work in a BKC law firm. It pays about 15LPA at A1, which seems to match the starting SEBI CTC.

Since I already have a law firm job, is it worth attempting SEBI / RBI / PFRDA? What are some interesting perks available to governmint legal officers?
Essays in mains seem to be about abstract general topics. I remember in 2021 I wrote someone about free speech and internet censorship.
Thank you for the response. Well, the SEBI Act and the Companies Act are my forte. Those two subjects are the ones I am actually good at. Also, can you tell me what kind of essays comes in the exam? is it law-related or something related to policy or something very general?