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Pune resident and fellow advocate (A1) here. Work hours are more or less same as Bombay level but pay wise there's absolutely nothing.
hi - just wanted to know if you applied through the website portal or any other email-address.
heard from a friend who interned at the Chandigarh LKS office that WLB was terrible - associates had to stay at the office quite late - apparently, the atmosphere was horrible and no one talked to each other because they were all swamped with work.
Does anybody have any idea about LKS Chennai? How about the work environment? I'll be interning there for a month shortly... In the IPR wing.
Can anyone let me know if it's a Monday-Friday working or Monday to Saturday? Starting internship there soon, and there are conflicting reports on the Internet.
What about LKS HYDERABAD office? Any information about what they pay to an A0?
How is the Mumbai office? I am going to start internship their in August (Indirect Tax).
How is the work culture at the Chennai office? Is it better than their Mumbai office?
Dude, not yelling should not be your or anybody's standard for a good work environment. Pull your standards out of the gutter, please.
Are law graduates (T1) at a disadvantage compared to CAs when it comes to hiring for the direct tax teams?
I wish if that was so simple to switch from IDT to any other practice area, after you have spent a good 3+ years in this field. Your options become very restricted after a certain point of time because you are branded as being a tax lawyer.
Any examples of such a move? Tax litigation is too technical and specific for any mobility imho
The GC team has good and consistent work. The work culture is far better and relaxed than what I've experienced at many T1s- there's kafi peace
Have a couple more questions.
1. Is the indirect tax work segregated by sector or law or transactional / litigation?

2. Is the work life balance for indirect tax team good as well?
largely soft spoken and people mind their own business. Partners own the work, as a matter of fact.

Pay is less, but so is the work in comparison.
Why this thread isn't getting attention like other law firm posts? Bump!!
What's the work culture like in LKS? Is it better than tier law firms majority of which treat humans as corporate slaves? Moreover, is there any particular office which is better than the other ones?