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Please read last paragraph also
If you are comparing nlus with campus law centre…. Then let me tell you one thing that clc does not produce salves like nlus. And even if anyone wants to be a slave, he can apply in clc’s placement committee.Go and check placement committees report. It is known for its alumni go and search on google, you eye balls will come out.
It provides one all the opportunities that an nlu provides to its pupils at only 6000( don’t be jealous here now i know you must have paid lakhs of rupeesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­). And don’t judge faculty of law du by its intake. Its Asia’s biggest faculty. However, only 60 percent out of 2100 get degree at the end and out of this 60 only 20 percent apply for placement (around 100) 70 to 80 get placed every year( from top law firn to small litigating firms amarchand, luthra and luthra khaitan wipro hdfc infosys).
Now see out of 2100 only 100 around apply for placement. In du you will have opportunity in front of you but its all up to you how you grab it. No one will spoon feed you like they do in nlus as you are not a 12 kid anymore her.
Scoring 200 in du llb is very very very easy but i challenge you to score 230 in this exam)
I challenge you to crack du llb entrance on any sunday. As a courtesy, i will give you a week’s time also. Do you know why 56k appear for clat because it occurs after 12th and students have very limited option after 12th. But after UG students have many options. Also nlus are in almost every states, that is also a factor.
But here, faculty of law du is only in delhi. So mostly north indians appear in du llb.

Keep all things aside brother, how long will your college matter, 2 year 3 year after your college.
At the end, we all will belong to bar. Lawyers unity is unbeatable, never forget it.
You can not survive in this profession without support of you lawyer buddies.
NLSIU and NALSAR are classic T1 colleges. NUJS is a good candidate for T1 too. NLUD is a good college but by all practical estimates and alumni and recruiter opinions.. is tolerated in the T1 band only because of the bogus NIRF ranking, but it is definitely not above NLSIU and NALSAR. NLU J and GNLU are future T1 probables and are doing great.
Tier 2: NLUJ/GNLU/Jindal (for top 10% calibre only in Jiggles)/NLIU
Tier 4: NUALS, DU law, GLC Bombay, SLS/ILS/Christ/Jindal (remaining 90%)
Tier 5: random older NLUs like Patna, Assam, Punjab
Tier 6: random new NLUs like MNLU/Jabalpur/Vizag/Himachal/Sonepat etc
Lol what a savage reply by correcting a word instead of actually replying.
I have literally cracked LSAT on a given day without studying just to prove a point to a friend.
Someone who "cracked" LSAT is saying this: "I could go and clear it on any random Sunday without studying."
let me show a actual number rather than throwing random numbers in the air .
first of all there are 2100 seats in total , don't go buy random numbers given by websites (ask du grad, he will confirm) . Second take example of year 2019, a total 17k students appeared for 2100 seats ,so again ratio is 8 not 5 as you claimed.

Thirdly here again you jacked by 6k, the total of student by appeared for clat 2021 is 54k only for 2500 odd seats .so the ratio is 21 but i digress . forthy I would really like to challenge you on this, if you are able to score 220 which is needed for main campus of Law Fac,DU , I will loose this bet and write a public apology on LinkedIn and you will do the same if you lost but there is one condition you are not allowed to see or practice DU llb old papers before actually attempting the same. ( I placed a condition based upon your claim that you will crack this "on any random sunday without studying "

are you down for it ?? because I am.
Yeah 15,000 odd people give DU LLB for around 3,000 seats. That is 5 people for one seat. In CLAT it is 60 people for one seat. You can compare how easy the entry is all standards mate.

DU LLB exam is a joke for CLAT scorers (AIR 600 and below). I could go and clear it on any random Sunday without studying
what are you even talking about mate , easy entry ?? by what logic did you arrive at this conclusion , do you realise how many grad sit for du llb exams ? if no then let me tell you this it is not easy by any standards .
Apart from NIRF, NLUD doesn't feature in the same rank as NLSIU and NALSAR using any of the parameters, not even faculty anymore, with only a handful of the good ones still left.
I would place it under Tier III considering the huge batch size, easy entry, lacklustre student community and negligible placements. The only thing CLC has going for itself is the location and legacy.
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Take it from a pro. The people listing the tier rankings here are living in the past. One needs to constantly update the rankings, looking at the current developments. As of Nov 2021, these would be the tiers, based on NIRF + industry perception + placements + LLM scholarships + faculty quality + alumni achievements:


Tier 2: Jindal, NUJS, GNLU

Tier 3: NLUJ, NLIU



Tier 6: Symbiosis Pune, MNLU Nagpur

Tier 7: ILS, GLC, Symbiosis Noida. Nirma, MNLU Aurangabad, KIIT, DSNLU, TNNNLS

Tier 8: CNLU, NLU Ranchi, NLU Assam, DNLU Jabalpur

Tier 9: NLU Shimla, Symbiosis Hyderabad, Amity Noida, Bennett, Munjal, Mahindra, UPES, Jamia

Tier 10:NLU Sonepat, ICFAI, Christ, St Xavier's Kolkata, Amity in other cities

After that all are same (equally crap)
Nirma is getting worse day by day. Almost all the good faculties have left, batch quality is getting deteriorated, placements are nil.
After gaining additional information from students from other colleges I have made this list.
Note: To be a T1 college you need to place atleast 50% of your batch. Factors considered are faculty, resources, alumni reach, crowd and also ROI.
Source: Students, LI and Seniors

NALSAR/ NLUD ( NALSAR has a better alumni base and placements. NLUD has a better locational advantage)
NLIU ( The only college who might be ousted from the T1 list)

HNLU (Doing really good)
RMLNLU (College with the best ROI)
Jindal (Horrible ROI)
SLS Pune ( Alumni base almost as strong as NLS's)
NLUO (Doing Good)
GLC (The OG)

MNLU( too hyped up, abysmal placements this year)
RGNLU (Stagnant, has one of the best campus)
Nirma/Nmims Mumbai/ Christ/SLS Noida

All other NLUS expect the new ones. States should really focus on these NLUs,most of them are short on fundings.


PS: This list is based on opinions and has no tangible statistics to support its claim. To know more about each college always contact students from respective colleges. Also, don't trust coaching centres.
Hi. As seen from the above comments, there's largely no consensus on such an abstract 'tier' question. However, it is safe to assume, that these traditional colleges don't offer opportunities comparable to established NLUs.

To my mind, this is where the 'how good is the college' debate should end and as a student of one of these traditional colleges, you might be better benefitted by actually making the best of the opportunities you do have.

Otherwise, this question sounds more like an exercise of vainglory.
Dear fellow LI users , I know all the tiers(ranking) which you are talking about. I am specifically curious about the ranking of Campus Law Centre,DU . As someone suggested that it might fall under Tier 2 but I want to know your opinions from outside , what do you think it is Tier 2,3 or mango ?

Appreciate other responses as well.
This makes sense. My list was basically made in accordance with the coaching centres and the peers around me. So no idea about Jindal in general but I have heard their placements are better than most NLUs.
But, in recent times, a few NLUs have become faculty-centric, more so in North India. Say, NLUs in Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Raipur and to some extent Ranchi too.
Placements, alumni and resources are the criteria for tiers, and MNLU is included in Tier II. What are you smoking bro/sis? They have no campus, no placements and questionable resources (either financial or human resource-wise).

Indian Railways divides tiers better than you did.
Gnlu is the best. Rest do not matter. They are already on par with nls and nalsar and will soon surpass
Supposedly Jindal has bought the anonymous handles of LI as well. Notwithstanding that,JGLS is not tier-1. Placing 20 odd students out of a batch size of 400 plus is not a big deal.
If placements and alumni are part of the parameters, then Jindal hasn't reached T1 status yet. Alumni it will reach eventually when the students who are getting placed now gain seniority. Placement is always going to be difficult given the huge batch size. Resources may compensate for that to a large extent though, if not entirely. This is just a factual observation, I've got nothing against the place or its students.
NLUJ honestly needs a new admin to flourish more. The current VC doesn't seem capable to take the place to the next level, and the admin doesn't really allow for student initiatives. They still have got very good placement and alumni base though. GNLU has got a new VC now who has so far been doing okay enough from what I know. NLUs are all VC centric. A good place may fall within 5 years if an inept person takes charge. The converse is also true.
Jindal then has as many Tier 1 level chaps as combined for all other Tier 1s you mentioned. Why doesn't it convert though? What a monkeyfest ranking. What about Christ, AIL, Amity, UILS, Symbi Noida? Are they out of tier? Other ones like CLC, BHU, JM?
Guys be ranking MNLU in Tier 2 and then thrashing kids who chose it over HNLU (which as per milord is in Tier 2 too). NUALS probably has better stats than RGN RML or MNLU atm. Truth is anything below Tier 1 doesn't make much of a difference as a person in RMLNLU or Nirma have to struggle almost on a similar tangent for PPO as the campuses don't place any.
Tier in law schools are defined mainly by their placements, alumni and ofcourse the amount of resources they possess.

Tier 1
β€’ NLS
β€’ NUJS
β€’ NLIU
β€’ Jindal

Tier 2
β€’ HNLU
β€’ Symbi Pune

Tier 3
β€’ Nirma/ NMIMS Mumbai/ Symbi Noida
β€’ All the other NLUs apart from the new ones. NLUs such as HPNLU, NLU Sonepat are too young and therefore are tier 4.

This is how I will personally rank the colleges and you can get the basic idea of the tiers. To gather more information always contact seniors from the respective colleges. Apart from T1s, you can't be sure about anything else so always do your research.
Source: Seniors, Friends, Coaching Centres.
They dont really fall under any Tier. GLC allows you to intern for 5 years along with your classes which makes it easier to get in T1 firms. The total fees for 5 years would be less than 50k the only downside is the high cost of living in Mumbai.
I am in my 2nd year at Law faculty, Delhi University, and I genuinely want to know what tier is Campus law Centre/LC-1/LC-2 or GLC or even ILS? As I have seen multiple times folks referring to Tier 1, 2 or 3 Law Schools or collages on this platform, Hence the doubt!

Please provide your inputs.