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They dont really fall under any Tier. GLC allows you to intern for 5 years along with your classes which makes it easier to get in T1 firms. The total fees for 5 years would be less than 50k the only downside is the high cost of living in Mumbai.
Jindal then has as many Tier 1 level chaps as combined for all other Tier 1s you mentioned. Why doesn't it convert though? What a monkeyfest ranking. What about Christ, AIL, Amity, UILS, Symbi Noida? Are they out of tier? Other ones like CLC, BHU, JM?
But, in recent times, a few NLUs have become faculty-centric, more so in North India. Say, NLUs in Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Raipur and to some extent Ranchi too.
This makes sense. My list was basically made in accordance with the coaching centres and the peers around me. So no idea about Jindal in general but I have heard their placements are better than most NLUs.
Nirma is getting worse day by day. Almost all the good faculties have left, batch quality is getting deteriorated, placements are nil.
Is it not a tier 1 college ? Where’d u put it

Also which is better Jindal or symbi pune
Supposedly Jindal has bought the anonymous handles of LI as well. Notwithstanding that,JGLS is not tier-1. Placing 20 odd students out of a batch size of 400 plus is not a big deal.
Gnlu is the best. Rest do not matter. They are already on par with nls and nalsar and will soon surpass
I would place it under Tier III considering the huge batch size, easy entry, lacklustre student community and negligible placements. The only thing CLC has going for itself is the location and legacy.
what are you even talking about mate , easy entry ?? by what logic did you arrive at this conclusion , do you realise how many grad sit for du llb exams ? if no then let me tell you this it is not easy by any standards .
Lol what a savage reply by correcting a word instead of actually replying.
Someone who "cracked" LSAT is saying this: "I could go and clear it on any random Sunday without studying."
I have literally cracked LSAT on a given day without studying just to prove a point to a friend.
Your comprehension skills need revisiting. Maybe they would have been better had you actually studied for LSAT. You just strengthened the point that the literally cracked LSAT guy had made, actually.
Apart from NIRF, NLUD doesn't feature in the same rank as NLSIU and NALSAR using any of the parameters, not even faculty anymore, with only a handful of the good ones still left.
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