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yes can someone plz shed some light on disputes and litigation in abroad.
what is the scope of moving abroad for someone into disputes?
Which practice area in a T1 corporate law firm should I opt for if I want to shift abroad in 2-3 years (either laterally or through an LLM)? Does Private Equity have good prospects of hiring? Or some other practice area? (Please don't suggest Capital Markets or Banking and Finance, I want something that isn't very monotonous)
Capital markets and taxation, if you get LL.Ms in those.
Truck drivers in Canada earn more than lawyers do, so start driving an 18-wheeler.
No need for LLM for capital markets opportunities. Adequate PQE in a good Indian law firm is itself a good springboard for a job outside, especially in the UK these days.
True. I know a few people who practiced capital markets did an LLM then settled abroad.
Tax and IP is also one of them (I don't know anyone who did this and settled but have read some interviews of people who settled abroad with these areas)
Capital markets. Big time. Easiest transferability and maximum demand.
Capital markets. Singapore offices of US firms seem to be hiring Indian lawyers off late.
What are those 3 schemes? I only knew of Linklaters and HSF
Apply for a Vac Scheme and get a TC. That allows you to try out 4 areas of law. Indian firms and UK firms have different work cultures so it would be good to get acquainted to working there itself.

Begin prepping now, and apply to the three Indian schemes open next year.
Currently I'm in my third year of law school, trying to figure out my interests. My primary aim has always been to work in an MC firm in the UK. Thus, I wanted to know which practice area of law is best suited to having a career abroad. I'm not talking about moving out as soon as I graduate, but laterally after getting few years of Indian law firm experience.
Would be really helpful if people could suggest areas of practice which best facilitate moving abroad. ( CM, B&F, etc.)