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How does one make a career in Public International Law? As I understand it, the academic route seems fairly simple (in theory), but how does one end up practicing at the ICJ or the ICC?

As students who study law in India, we aren't exactly pushed into the PIL space as keenly as foreign unis do, such as the Ivy Leagues, Oxbridge or perhaps other European universities in Geneva or Germany. What does an Indian student need to do to enter this space?
Absolutely not. Check out her CV & you'll be deflated the moment you realise how much she's done. To be honest, she's one in a million, the crack in the sky, the shooting star. Very few people have such an outstanding CV. Moreover, as someone else suggested. Do great in your law school and immediately apply abroad for your PG. International law without a degree from abroad is nothing.
PG or PhD or Post Doc abroad. India hardly has any decent PIL professors, let alone practitioners. If really want to practice IL, create an outstanding CV in India and move abroad, especially Geneva or New York or London. India doesn't even have a leading authority in PIL.