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It will survive easily. Bigger question is why is CAM hiring all of a sudden for IP practice. Why the sudden thrust to this practice area.
Question is how can a Tier 1 practice sustain a low income practice like IP.

CAM will be paying IP Associates 50% less than they give to Gen Corp/Cap Marks.

Tier 1 firms generally have a namesake IP Practice for filling all the boxes. But no Tier 1 has a specialist IP team which works independently. So income doesn't become a big issue. Even then IP associates are paid far lower.

Before jumping guns - IP is the least lucrative practice in India, especially for law firms.

Tier 1 IP firms pay less than what Tier 3 corporate law firms pay in India.

That's because in India there are no high profile IP Litigations, there are no big compensation awarded and more than that India is not an IP hub like EU/US/China or even Japan.

There is a lot of hype in IP, but there is no pay. Its just voluminous filing work. But the good thing is - work life balance is great in IP and work is simple.
Not all Tier 1 firms have namesake IP practices. SAM and KCO has one of the largest IP practices with KCO being the largest with upwards of 70 members and 8 partners. Both of these firms have specialist IP teams which are independent both work wise and financially. There is filing work, advisory, litigations and agreement work.

Pay is less in comparison to Corp teams but it is definitely much higher than Tier 3 firms. India is one of the biggest IP hubs - check patent of offices comparative data across jurisdictions.
Did you get the 8 figure from the website? AB and SM do disputes generally. There are barely 25 people in total doing IP at Khaitan. Pay is 50-60k which is the same as Anand and the other tier 3s. India is the worst IP hub due to bad enforcement and slow IP tribunal functions (which dont even exist anymore). We are a socialist country , the government cannot really be as great an enforcer of IP as say the US or any EU based economy which full fledged IP practices
Neither AB nor SM are part of the core IP partners. I am pretty sure you have no idea about the practice and also it is not at all restricted to delhi. Adheesh, Nishad, Shailendra, Smriti, Ankur, Nirupam, Nikhil (Counsel) and Janaksinh (Counsel) - IP partners.
Powers of IPAB replaced with High Court. All IP offices are tribunals as they have administrative and judicial functions. More than 400 cases are filed in delhi high court alone. Even recently the delhi high court awarded 240 crore damages in a patent infringement matter post trial
A firm that can bleed away partners like Amarjit Singh, Prathibha Singh, Sai Krishna, Neel Mason - just to name a few, still thrive and stay no 1 can easily stay no 1 after Mathur Sahab’s departure.

Worry about yourself troll.