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Can we please address how unethical and stupid this is? What are law firms getting out of such paid internships?

What are law firms such as SAM, CAM, Luthra, NDA, IndusLaw, Dhir & Dhir, Samvad, etc. getting out of these paid internships? Is 10-20k really worth more than their reputation?
If you want any internship at a T1/T2/T3 firm, all you need to do is pay the journal and the next thing you know is that you're getting a confirmation email from the firm. It's disgusting and boils my blood. An undeserving candidate can easily buy their way into the top law firms while the rest are still struggling to get a basic internship.
Tera kya jta h bhai/bhen.Kisi bechare non-nlu Wale ko internship mil rhi h .
Funny to see that even nlu and jindal students are buying their way.
Im from a pvt college in mumbai but that doesnt mean ill resort to this shit. If people from non-nlus use such methods instead of aiming to win a competition and get the internship on merit, then I understand why the Great Divide exists. Boycott such stuff and focus on working hard, its a skill that will take us all a long way
β€œaiming to win competition” are you in first year? no one cares about your stupid competitions.
What I meant was, aim to get internships by winning good moots and adr competitions instead of trying through sources like burnished. You will end up having a good cv and no im not in my first year ive done more than three T1 internships using this method
I got a job - thanks to this. I REALLY don't care. Be with your stupid "ethics".
Ethically it might be wrong.

We still don't know how the journal is securing such internships for the students.

Morally, I don't think so.

As it is that the students from private colleges are at a disadvantage of securing corporate internships and if someone's money or contacts can level the playing field between a student between a Student from NLU and a private College then they should use it.

Jab ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle toh ungli tedhi kar leni chahiye!

Whether the students are deserving or not, it's on the firm to decide by way of callbacks and PPO, we are no one to say.
I feel one needs to be morally grey if they want to survive in this profession.
I had asked the "founder" of the journal of how they get these internships. He said "setting hai hamari".

It's not only non nlus that get internships through their journals, majority of them are from rmnlu and jindal too. This is not right as they're claiming a position of a deserving candidate of either non-nlu or nlu.

Firms should stop entertaining them.
How is it any different from someone getting an internship through contacts?
What about people getting in through contacts? It would be good to discuss this too.
I see how nepo kids get salty when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine. For long you guys have been bogging others down, not letting them a chance to show their merit. I hope more people like BLJ and RR come up to the rescue of undervalued students
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