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I've only done Litigation internships and firms offer only Litigation internship as per my cv even after me selecting corporate. How can I get more exposure to corporate law ?
Bhai they literally call me and tell we see that you have applied for corporate but we can offer disputes internship, are you available?

Gaali Dene ka Mann karta hai
Was in the same boat some time back. I lied about everything, practically my whole CV was stolen, I'll put the correct name of the firm i interned at but the tasks that i have written would be corporate law related tasks, copied from here and there. Linkedin is useful for stealing stuff, you can steal from other people's profiles, many people put what work they've done in the description. So a little bit of stealing, a little bit of inflating and everywhere inserting some generic agreements and contracts like service aggreement, transport agreement, MOA, SHA (i write that i have done drafting and vetting of these).

Also in the mean time try and read up on whatever you're claiming to have worked upon. I have done the same and so far it has worked out fine.

After this, once i got a corporate internship then i worked as much as i could and tried to get actual content for my CV and then I just spread it out evenly throughout all my internships and reduced the lies (thus reducing risk of me getting caught in an interview). At this point almost all my lying is over, some minor stolen portion might still be there but now i have been able to get enough corporate internships to get genuine real content for my CV.
You're sticking to the places (grades too I presume) where you actually interned so honestly how does it help when you're going through the non RCC/contact route and firms aren't even bothered to open your CV let alone read through the intricate details?
Try calling the firms office and requesting them to let you speak to the HR. Also, bombard them with follow up emails on a weekly basis. This works.