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9-10 in Day Zero, 3 in EY, 1 in HCL, 1 in GMR, around 9-10 PPOs
Incorrect figures.
Of around 45 people wanting jobs 35 have received it.
The first number is meaningless because it cannot be substantiated. It's always the total batch size in proportion to which the total people getting placed is to be expressed.
Salty comment. And that's definitely not how any of the T1s calculate their percentage of placements. When a NLU claims 100% placements, it's calculated on the basis of the number of people in a batch who joined the recruitment pool. No NLU places 80/80 or 120/120 students. And no, NLUD doesn't force students who didn't get placed to opt out of the pool. The rest of the batch opts for litigation, judiciary, UPSC, higher studies, etc. And on average, NLUD has always had usually 40-45 folks (perhaps, increasing in recent times) joining the RCC every batch for corporate placements. All that being said, the placements are still not as high in absolute numbers as NALSAR, NUJS or even NLUJ and there are multiple reasons for that from the smaller batch size to the lesser number of students interested in corporate placements and perhaps the lesser industry perception among firms compared to these older NLUs.
That’s again a load of crap and shows how little you know about law schools in general and NLUD in particular. A majority of students who choose litigation, judiciary and UPSC and LLMs/MBA do so voluntarily. There’s a minority in every NLU who don’t get jobs and go in for this option. But most such kids prefer joining T2 firms and work their way up. Unlike some older NLUs, NLUD doesn’t focus much on T2 firms and in-house during placement season, for better or worse.
Which things would those be? Because other than possibly UPSC, your grads don't perform any 'better' anywhere.
The tools from colleges where the kids go into hundreds think that this makes up for them failing AILET, but it doesn’t. The batch size at NLUD is literally just 80. The general RCC pool also usually has some 40-odd people. So 25-35 is still a high percentage.
Anyone who puts that much importance to the results of an entrance exam has not really received good education in their lives.
Aww... The sorry state of your placement is still a sore point for you we see.
Yeah, fair enough. That's probably NLUD's achilles heel right now. Once placements are solid, NLUD will no doubt be the top NLU in India ahead of all the others.
If only there was any legal field where your students had been doing better than those from NUJS or NALSAR. Sadly, that's yet to happen. Keep trolling and it never will.
Whats the pay at GMR? What is the scope of work? Someone please chip in I may need to shift in house in some months.
Can confirm, number is set to increase as placements with 2 firms are still ongoing. All stats so far (inclusive of PPO) -

T1 - about 10

3 AZB, 1 CAM, 1 SAM, 5 Trilegal, 2 S&R

T2 and banks - about 15

Indus, Vaish, SRL, ICICI, Veritas, Wadia etc

LLM (foreign national combined) - 5-6
Correction - 3 Firms ongoing. The final number will fall between 30-35 out of 45-50 people interested in recruitment.
45-50 is a lie lmao. There's minimum 100 people who want a job like be fr.
If someone hasn't made an application to any of the firms till date, that person is clearly not interested in recruitments.

13-14 DAY Zeros

Around 10 PPOs

7 !!! Going abroad for LLM/JD etc (included 1 who is going to SLS)


1 - McKinsey

4 - In-house at BFSI companies and 1 at some other company

2 - EY

2 - Abroad (UK)

1 or 2 going to do LLM in India, I think one at JGLS and one at NLUD.

That’s about it.
The person was hired as a business analyst, I do not know the exact breakup but the ctc was 26 lpa
Can any senior from NLS confirm this information as it looks distorted when compared with nalsar and nujs.

And it is also marked contested by LI.
This is false.

Actual stats:

15-16 PPOs

22 accepted offers on Day Z

3-4 accepted offers on Day One.

After Day One, people have got placed in companies like Jio Financial Services, GAIL etc that have offered around 18LPA CTC and law firms like Wadia Ghandia that pays around 10-12 LPA.

There are around 10-15 people in the BO'24 who still wants a job and the hiring drive is still going on. I'm sure that everyone who doesn't have a year loss will get a job. People with year loss will find it difficult to get a job in this market.
It is mostly true, missed out the 6 to 7 people who are going law chambers however.
Bo24 NUJS:

30+ T-1 PPOs

30+ Day Zero

In all around 65 people were placed at T1s.

Around 10 people at places like ICICI Bank, HCL, and PSUs (The latter pays at a surprisingly High CTC)

And to top it off, 2 Oxford Masters.

Business is Booming
NUALS - 18 out of a batch of 66 (around 50 sitting for placements)

1 PPO - IndusLaw

Placed through college - 3 Trilegal, 2 ICICI, 3 HSBC, 6 Wadia Ghandy, 1 Ujjivan SFB, 1 Tatva, 1 Varahe
Crazy big if true, NUJS really is something else. NLS still better tho.
Nalsar β€”

(Rough estimates, don't remember the exact figures because . . . kya hi fark padta hai):

30+ PPOs (20+ from T1s & 10+ from T2s)

18-20 Day Z offers [accepted; total offers was way higher h/t some (now former) committee mistakes]

25+ Day 1 [inhouse(12-14) + T2 firms(5-7) + consultancy(4-5) + PSUs(2-3)]

3+ TCs, 5+ Ivy League LLMs (more acceptances likely)

Some 5-8 people are joining litigators/SAs, and the rest are still considering their options, given that some well-known entities are still coming.

Barring 5-7 Judiciary/UPSC aspirants & 3-5 people who had fundamental difficulties with interviews as a whole, everyone who seriously looked for a job has basically received one.
NLIU Bhopal - Around 43 students have been placed at T-1. 7 people at other in house/ tier 2 firms. 66 people had opted for placements.
There were 27 T1 placements on Day Zero itself. 16 students had already received PPO at T1 by then. You can keep coping.
Yeah no. JSA - 1, EY - 3, Finsec - 1, DSK - 2, and two more that I'm not sure of - this is just on campus. There was no day 0,they keep coming throughout the year.

PPOs - easily 17-20

LLM - possible.

Litigation - 1 offer received and rejected, wanting to do LLM - Around 15-20 others looking for litigation opportunities, some got.

UPSC - at least 3

Judiciary - 2-3

I honestly thought the stats would be a lot worse going into the year.

20-25 Day0+PPO(Tier 1:SAM, CAM, AZB, Tri)

5-6 through college placement/PPO in Tier 2

4 -6 EY and other in-house
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