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My seniors are going for Allen & Overy and HSF, I want to apply for the same next year, which is the one I should choose and why?
Your college selects students for HSF (ours is based entirely on class rank) while A&O is personal application (no role played by college). Pretty much the same, but A&O does have decent cv value particularly with rank obsessed firms.
What are these courses and why does my college not inform me about them.
These are short term courses offered by these firms to selected students from certain NLUs. Originally to the trifecta NLS, NALSAR, NUJS. Later NLUD was also included. I think NLUJ has been too, not sure about the rest.

A&O is reserved only for NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLUJ and NLUD (I may be wrong)
HSF and A&O send invitations to only 4-5 colleges (T1 NLUs). I don't think A&O even invites GNLU, only NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLUD, NLUJ.
did HSF invite other colleges this year, I dont think they even invited NLUD or NUJS to the same?
Bro HSF sponsors competitions in both they must have been invited.
NLUD and NUJS have always been invited. The A&O IFCC is relatively more exclusive than HSF ILP.
yes more deets about hsf pls? got invites through uni for ano but not hsf
Not possible. Every college that A&O covers HSF covers as well.
HSF ILP is being hosted at Jindal this year. They have sent invitations to all top NLUS (NLS, NALSAR, NLUJ, NLUD, GNLU, NUJS). Only NLS and NALSAR have confirmed that their students will be participating. NLUJ, NUJS, NLUD, and GNLU did not respond to the invitations.
Both are prestigious, and give an instant recognition that you may be a viable candidate for corporate law firms - I attended the HSF ILP, and interviewers were impressed during Day Zero (as it is a reflection of rank+corp law research+moots etc.)

Try to apply for both if you get the opportunity!
Would it help during PPOs as well? Are there any specific firms that I should apply to that would be impressed by the same.
is there any significant difference between the subject areas that are taught in both. And does this have any impact while applying to these companies
Yes, have attended both and can safely say that A&O one is quite extensive and there is a massive learning curve. From International Project Finance, to International Debt Finance to Capital Markets in the US, they covered a lot of themes that were perfect, if you are planning to apply to any Vacation Schemes. Choose A&O or try to get in. I think they were planning to discontinue HSF-ILP this year onwards, someone confirm
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