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Little kids who haven't even completed their studies judging people with a LLB, LLM, PhD, Post Doc, NET & years of experience in practice and research. The naivety of this thread is ridiculous.
How stupid. Surely the students of a teacher are the most qualified to judge his teaching. A lack of degrees does not make someones view invalid. What an elitist point of view.
Only if those students participate in classes regularly, do background readings diligently, pay attention to the discussions and engage sincerely. Very few NLU students do that anymore. Hence they aren't qualified to discuss teacher quality.
New teachers are much better

No good teacher in jurisprudence, civil law and criminal law even pathetic

Commercial law overall good
New profs aren’t any better…let’s poach from nls now
I've heard senior batches protesting against her and even petitioning to get her out. She even tried to improve her reputation by being the "cool" teacher but my god was it awkward.
Why is she still clinging on as faculty? Can't she ask her rich, influential father-in-law to make her the dean in some other college or even a judge????? #BoycottBaskey
I can see three publications by her in decent journals. Very few citations though.
I like the teachers who give out marks like it's Christmas. Because they can't make a curriculum at par with T1s to save their life, so why look out for quality teachers? It's like saying that Cillian Murphy acts well in a Karan Johar movie.
She's more into private international law; more like investment and corporate law.
Haven't heard of any of them in any branch of law. Not even read their published work if any. Why can't GNLU with all its funding manage to attract some of the better known legal academics?
Because GNLU might have funding but its location isn’t good and honestly, the quality of the institution isn’t as good as tier-1 NLUs so faculty aren’t attracted to it. Not to mention a lack of dynamic top leadership.
If places like NALSAR could have attracted good faculty, then location isn't clearly that important a metric.
They attracted good faculty because of the leadership under Ranbir Singh. FM tenure didn't attract great faculty at all barring some short-term appointments. And even all that being said, Hyderabad is more of a tier-1 city than Gandhinagar anyday.
GNLU has a good foundation but, it has yet to leverage it. Great political and financial backing but has not yet attempted to change the status quo of sarkari naukri. The faculties, bar a very very few, miniscule really, are subpar, even the stream subjects at times. They act as though simply having an NLU status preclude them from having put efforts in teaching the future legal minds of India. As Baskey says, you're in an NLU so I expect the quality of an NLU...this is yet to be a reality. Figures crossed, would get an awesome vc and registrar soon.
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