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When we search throughout the internet and various social media platforms we can usually find free materials like video classes, mocks, etc regarding exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc.

Do you know any similar free resources for CLAT ?

If so please share the links or names below whether its videos or google drive links or anything else which is relevant to CLAT.

Also is CLAT preparation app by EduRev actually up to date and useful?
Don't bother with any app or things like that.

Read MP Jain's Indian Constitutional Law, you will be sitting in NLS next year.
Edurev free version seems unorganized and simple. Don't know about the paid version.

But hey who am I to say? The last time I gave CLAT was in 2022
Available on telegram. Just understand that for RC you can refer Arun sharma book or other cat materials and gmat materials. For sharpening CR use gmat materials initially. For LR - use free pdfs from various telegram channels. For DI - Bank PO materials or Arun sharma ( only LOD 1 and 2 ) . For gk - magazine like next IAS ,drishti, Sankar academy + few pdfs of clat coaching centres. 2 test series of legal edge and cl + some random tests of clatprep and lawprep. Mini 4 hrs in first 6 months and 5to 9 hrs in the last months as per your situation like dropper / regular 12th student .
Bro are you kidding? Fr...i studied for 2 hours everyday in the last two months and got a top 300 rank
please don’t misguide students by referring them books that’d be of no use to them
not op but these are definitely good resources, clat coaching materials are scam
I’m a double digit clat ranker, didn’t join any coaching.

Just give le mocks from telegram, analyse them rigorously and pick up any monthly compendium and stick to it, you’ll be good to go
I am the same guy whom you replied to here, I had science with me in class 12, so legal reasoning was astonishingly new to me ngl. I took it the same way I do RC and CR but after 8-10 mocks, I developed an intuition on how exactly to go about the section, you gotta read the passage with utmost concentration not letting go even of the tiniest of the detail mentioned.

Long story short- I just gave le mocks and sectionals for legal from telegram and analysed them in great detail, I used to mark out my mistakes and draw out certain generalisations or specifics (you may call these tips to ace the section) and used to keep referring to them alongside my mistakes periodically.

I went on from scoring 25ish/40 (in the beginning when mocks used to be of 150 marks) to 29.75/31 (30 correct, 1 wrong) in the actual clat paper.

People say do this book/do those lectures/read those set of notes, but trust me kid, nothing of that is gonna help you, I’ve been a part of the preparation journey and if I can do it despite being a science student, there’s nothing that’s stopping you from getting a full score in legal reasoning.

Make sure you do the question paper of 2023, that’s pretty much the kind of paper you should be looking for. Please go by the official (final) answer key by the consortium and not the one released by coaching institutions- they’re trash af, if you don’t believe me, just watch the paper discussion of clat 2023 on any coaching’s youtube channel and figure out yourself how many questions have they marked incorrectly even at times when the questions carry obvious answers.

Also, id suggest you to STICK to le mocks ONLY, please please please don’t let your preparation get affected by the legal section of one of the most famous coachings this country has got to offer.

Just keep practising passages, read exhaustively and you’ll be done mate, all the best!
Thank you very much for replying. So you mean you learned legal reasoning from mocks only right? I was a science student too, should i refer to other resources for legal and learn all those things coachings teach?
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