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Veenas team at Trilegal - Blore very helpful! Kaushik and Simranjeet were very patient and helpful
Yes u beautiful genius that's why this thread was made so as to identify and list the one's who actually make time and give two shits about the interns learning and development.

Kindly do not trash here if u don't have anything worthwhile to comment.
Everyone at Quillon Partners, Delhi office. Idk who is still around since I interned there. Regardless, they’re super chill people who will take out the time and explain detailed propositions, treat you with respect, help out when you hit a roadblock.
SAs in AZB Delhi, Disputes are some of the best I've come across. If you can convince them of your abilities, they give you a very engaging experience. I, unfortunately, wasn't able to convert my internship because of the freeze.