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Luxury watches: Check for most. Luxury cars: Either check for most or planned in future

Luxury destination weddings: ?????

Spill the tea.
Every second associate these days is having a destination wedding. Some go to Turkey, some go to Thailand, some copy NickYanka and SidKiara and go desi luxe in Rajasthan.

It's all part of the YOLO mentality of Gen Z. Even with a salary of just 12 L a year, they are willing to take a loan and buy a BMW for 1 crore and have a destination wedding abroad for 2-3 crores. Plus, of course, buy an Omega watch, have weekly dinners at the Taj and Oberoi etc. This is all hedging on the fact that they will become partners and easily recoup their expenses. After they become partners, they hedge again that they will become equity partners and then take a new loan to buy DLF Apartments in Gurgaon for 20-30 crores.

Just one warning though: while you will certainly recoup all these expenses if you work your whole career in a law firm, there is also the risk of burning out in your thirties. If you quit, it's all gone: car, flat, trophy wife etc.
Law student here, but what i gather from the conversations here, I'm doubtful whether these guys even have the time for any such extravagant stuff.
It’s doesn’t take that much time- rather making money is the more difficult part
Don't believe everything u read on LI. People do have yearly vacations.
Luxury weddings are paid for from generational wealth and not your 17L PA retainer lol