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Hi! I have been living with hiv since last three years and taking art medications living a healthy life. But I always feel and want to be open about my hiv status. Do you guys think being open can lead to termination from the firm apart from workplace discrimination, etc? Thanks
More power to you bro/sis. HIV is still a huge stigma in our society even though patients now are living a healthy and normal life with proper medications just like their non-hiv + counterparts. I don’t think it will be good to disclose this to your firm members or anyone from the workplace, you might face a lot of atrocities . Maybe, at a later stage when you are more established in your practice area you can. Wish you good health, god bless.
Please don't disclose.

While people will show inclusivity on the face (in the name of D&I), you will be seen as someone who can collapse anytime and will not be fit for senior level roles.
It only spreads through unprotected sex and blood transfusions fyi, how could they infect others at workplace. People like you have been stigmatising it badly
I think by their comment they meant not discussing it with partners in bed
A person who is that cognizant about their illness surely wont be fucking around willy nilly without letting their partners (not office wale) know about their illness.

Have you forgotten the "choone se AIDS nahi sirf pyaal failta hai" campaign?
Don't be dumb.

Keep it to yourself.

You gain abso-fucking-lutely nothing by disclosing.

But you potentially have everything to lose.
Wish you good health, you should not disclose to even a single person at your workplace. Who knows there is a successful curative vaccine soon.
Hi. I am really intrigued by the post. If it does not bother you too much, can you tell how you became an HIV+ person in the first place? I always wondered about the potential of getting affected due to the casual dating scene.
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