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I can accept law schools from Singapore and Hong Kong being ranked above NLSIU, but I can't accept law schools from China, Japan and Korea being ranked ahead. The levels of English there are quite bad, with Japan probably being the worst (just Google and check). You hardly see any Japanese or Korean student winning international moots or doing LLMs abroad. Not knowing English means one can't read the most important legal writings in the world: Holmes, Frankfurter, Bentham, Denning etc. Plus all the top journals. Also, the faculty there don't publish in the top journals for thsi reason. Indian profs do much better.

So is it just racism and bias towards India that NLSIU is ranked lower?
Why is this trollish? Not the one who wrote it, but seems pretty spot on.
As an Indian legal academic, I agree with this comment. The Chinese academics publish much more and have got much higher research budget and funding. Nor do the senior academics there get complacent with their positions, unlike many Indian academics after achieving professorial ranks.
Got that vishwaguru complex do you ? How many foreign faculties does NLS have ? How many foreign publications does NLS have ? Even the VC himself has a shoddy publication record. Do some background check. Language is not the bar to law, logic is, which you clearly lack !
Racism and bias against Indians is present I admit but the main fact is that the quality of research work is pretty bad when compared with top law schools of Tier 1 and 1.5 East Asian Countries
No one gives a f about Indian law Universities around the globe

Just compare the budget of Chinese universities with Indian universities

They have more budget than DRDO's R&D
China has some biggest cultures and languages and they learn in their mother tongue and stay in their country while India has a tiny budget for law universities and corruption is everywhere.
Some NLUs who are working for 10 years still don't have their own campus.

Take the example of the new NLU prayagraj which was announced in 2021 and still has no campus but is charging fees of RS 4 Lakh per year with no placement guarantee or faculty.

We need to fund our Law universities and as our CJI said we also need to focus on the mother tongue and make the law accessible to all otherwise only people with good social backgrounds will have access to law universities in general.

Not knowing English does not mean that you will not be able to learn or read books which were written in English.
I will take the example of Hindi students in UP/Bihar. Trust me they are far more intelligent/hardworking than others but they are not able to grow due to the influence of English in the courtroom and moreover, they don't have that much money to attend good law schools like NLS or other NLUs.

Just look at the quality of infra at Nlus and their faculty.
you cant compare china and korea to india, we have a long long way to go,

China is the biggest competitor to USA, literally 2nd most powerful in the world, Korea has a per capita income of 30,000 dollars, 5 crore population, 2 trillion dollar gdp, with land area smaller than telangana
Name one decent university in humanities that is doing good research work ? Apart from say JNU or Jamia, none of the other 100 humanities dept are doing good work. Law included. So first improve the faculty, the research opportunities and the cohert. Then talk about other countries.