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Hello, I'm seeking your help, and I am confident someone here can relate to my situation. I am a 3rd year law student and I have significantly compromised my grades to the point where they seem irredeemable. Despite this, I am determined to secure a placement, believing all is not lost. Please advise on what steps I can take to improve my chances.

Providing a brief overview of my current situation; I study in a T1 NLU, possess decent internships, but acquiring more has become increasingly difficult. I have decent publications, primarily in blogs, I have publications in IndiaCorpLaw, IRCCL, CBCL, and CBFL. However, I lack mooting experience. That sums up my profile.

I kindly request your help on actions I can take to increase my chances of getting internships and placed. I am having sleepless nights and it has become overwhelming. I witness my peers securing internships through RCC while I struggle even to get shortlisted. It feels like I am spiraling into a void, and I need a clear course of action. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts, I keep on wondering what I will tell my parents if I don't secure a job. It's becoming excruciatingly difficult because I don't know what to do anymore.
If you are from T1, cold mail your alums who are partners. Typically do this in your fourth year requesting for assessment internship with their teams. Some firms might have strict policy of not giving direct assessment to partner referrals but ya even in normal internships you can work well and secure a PPO.
Partly to calm your parents and partly to improve your chances of a job, I would strongly suggest an MBA. Else join an LPO or LawSikho if you immediately calm your parents, then go for an MBA.
He/ she is from a T1 NLU. They are just panicking so it sounds like they have no options left. Trust me once they talk to some decent senior in their college, they will realise they are in a much better position than having to settle for LPO.

To OP - Kid, don’t panick so much. I know it can seem super competitive in college but everyone gets placed from top NLUs. Try finding a decent senior who will sit with you and guide you basis YOUR SPECIFIC situation. (You don’t need to have mooting exp to land T1 job).

Asking people on the internet will give you vague general answers which may not be in your best interest as we don’t know your exact situation. Don’t randomly go for an MBA unless you are seeking something specific out of it which law degree can’t provide you.

All the best!
Any general advice for people who can't approach others and are in the same boat?
I am so tired with this BS reply everytime. No, most people aren't interested in a MBA, that's the sole reason they chose law in the first place. I don't know why this MBA brigade comes in every response, if you are so fond of MBA, you do it and leave this site for us lawyers.
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