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I am planning to propose my girlfriend who is also my colleague. We both know each other from law school and joined the same law firm in 2020 (T1) working with different teams. Is it a good idea to propose her in office because I believe it has played a significant role in our relationship. My partner knows about our relationship and has no problem
We are already dating. And I know her from law school days. We were good friends back then
Take managing partner's permission in writing on three copies.

Also, keep your resignation letter ready if something goes wrong.
That's great! Go ahead and good luck. But just one request: please don't film it and put it up on social media. Keep the video private (if you make one). Kids these days post all private moments on social media and honestly it's a bit cringe.
bhai khudko Adani ka beta mat samaj, chupchap apne ghar pe propose seems u wanna send like a public message to you office ki yall are not unengaged or somth
Not inside the actual premises but maybe on the terrace or eating area during lunch
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