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Bhai what is this obsession/validation that people are seeking from Shark Tank? No relevance
Here is the website of their company:

But this business has nothing to do with law. Any commerce grad can do it. In fact, his wife even said on the show that she does not have any formal educational qualifications. What Shark Tank needs to do is give airtime to sophisticated legal businesses like Vakil Search, LawSikho, LPOs etc. These businesses can make 10 times the amount of money than the businesses they promote, like prepackaged food, skin creams etc.

I think Ramanuj should definitely apply to Shark Tank.
The girl did most of the talking and seems to be the boss of the company. She deserves most of the credit. Yet the post is all about the guy and ignores her completely.
Don't try to bring feminism everywhere..nobody is giving credit of her hardwork to him, this post is about him because he's a lawyer
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