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Hey Guys, I made partner last year at Trilegal and am contemplating an address change that's apt for my new situation. Considering DLF Camellias seriously. Is anyone staying there? Worth it? Are the amenities really that good?
The lowest rental listen online for Camellias is 8 lakh per month. Wouldn't that be the entire fixed monthly pay for a newly made Trilegal partner?

I've heard fresh Partners at Trilegal are paid 1.5 cr (including bonus) per annum, which would mean 2/3rds goes to just renting a house?
so u made equity partner is what ur saying...why dont u ask people in your circle? im sure these things are discussed at parties and even team outings. This site is 90% law students
Is this really true, Trilegal partners (or others actually in the know)? If so, (i) it is very impressive, and (ii) I am truly behind the times on what constitutes β€˜market’ for partner compensation.
Jyoti lives at DLF Aralias. It's a great option with rentals almost half the price of DLF Camellias. Plus, being an established society means fewer hassles with new neighbors moving in or construction noise.

Personally, I'm all about farmhouse living. Last year, we rented a place in DLF Chattarpur. Let me tell you, my wife throws the best parties there, and our friends absolutely love it. Yes, the rentals there are stiffer than the Camellias but there's something therapeutic about being one with nature, that just works for me like nothing else. Also, consider Tatvam Villas - tatvam has many lawyers from the lower tier firms. But good folks nevertheless..
Absolutely yes. With an address like that, you will get huge bragging rights and be the envy of the office!
Not sure why this is marked trollish. I too am from Delhi and this is 1000% true. Everyone judges you by where you live and the car you drive. People earning less are willing to buy second hand BMWs and live in tiny DefCol apartments just to tick those boxes.
Pretty different from Mumbai then. No one really judges anyone here based only on location, some live far away like thane dombivali with their families, some have rented flats in LP itself.

Car chodo parking kisike pass nahi hai xd
That's not true. I can't think of even one partner at Trilegal whose fate changed quickly or otherwise just with one subpar e-mail.

Request the moderator to mark the comment that I'm replying to as trollish or it's OP to counter with facts. Comments like hers give Trilegal a bad name. We aren't AZB and don't have Hard Deep or specimens like that with us.
Eeks. Its Gurgaon. Nothing beats my 1200 Sq. Yard Bungalow in Jorbagh. An apartment is in the apartment. New money stinks. Old money is classy.
Well, well, well, look at you, all twenty-something, thirty-something, prancing around with your privilege like it's a toy. You've got opportunities pouring out your ears, yet you waste it all on frivolous nonsense, filling these esteemed halls of LI Gossipspace with your shallow dreams of excess.

Watch this video by UNFILTERED by Samdish, and open your damn eyes to the struggles of those without a voice-


Instead of lounging in luxury, why don't you dust off that degree of yours and actually do something meaningful? Use your privilege to practice law, to advocate for societal progress. Give those without a voice a fighting chance. It's time to step up and make a difference, not just for yourself, but for those who desperately need it.
So essentially, can a T1 law firm partner never afford a DLF Camellias flat?
Bombay partner - who still travels by local train to save time… crying 😒 in corner after reading this…
First of all, congratulations. The DLF Aralias, Magnolias, and Camellias are a big scam on HNI Indians. Just do the math - compare the property rate per square meter of any adjoining plot or a condo in any adjoining building. You'll notice that there's no foundation for the price that DLF is demanding for those condos. Now turn to the list of Electoral Bond Purchasers that was published by the Election Commission of India yesterday and see how much legit cash DLF has had to pump into the political system to sustain their scam enterprise, which repeatedly gets sued by unwary customers. Mind-boggling. No lawyer worth their salt will ever pay a premium to DLF because upon doing their basic legal due diligence, they would know that DLF has historically oversold trash and, through one-sided contracts, undermined its customers. This holds true for its very first project, which happened to be in North Delhi - Model Town. If anyone here has ever heard of it? Developed on Swamp Land. Floods every year. Poorly planned. Horrendously executed. Then let's move on to the various Greater Kailashes - barring the main roads with bigger plots, everything else is a mess. Now moving to Gurgaon. Their very first project - Silver Oaks. Sued by residents; succeeded only in an SC appeal. Bel Air / Park View - sued by residents. Lost and paid hundreds of crores.

That 8 Lakh per month rent is a byproduct of this big balloon. Skip it and travel the world.