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can someone shed light on their salary and work culture? i can see the legal500 and chambers and partners rankings myself
AZB - Tier I (whether you join Mr. Parikh or Mr. Parekh, you will be sorted- both are smart, knowledgeable, dedicated and most importantly, grounded). Not sure about how much AZB pays though.

DVA (Dhaval’s team) and DSK (Sajit/Sagar’s team) - Tier II have a decent RE practice too. Pay is in the range of 1-1.4 lakh if you’re an SA
Dhaval does not have his own team - he depnds on the teams of his SA and PA
Agreed!!!! Parikh is a gem of a person. Have worked with him in 3L while I was there and aLao against him in one of our transactions aftwr I moved. His patience (not everyone like myself understands real estate laws), manner of explaining the repercussions of every issue and attention to detail won me over.

Best decision for AZeeBee and a huge loss for 3L.

Also he is veryyyy cute haha
Heard Trilegal got MB from AZB in exchange of RP?

Which organisation actively makes a loss making deal such as the above?
for Hyderabad Tatva is good.

CAM too is expanding quite well in Real Estate.
Solicis Lex has a decent real estate practise - ofc not even T2 level but they’re busy
AZB : Ruchit Parikh

SAM: Bhowmick Vaidya seems to be doing some good matters

CAM: Abhilash Pillai

KCO: Harsh Parikh

^In that order

Salary would naturally depend on your PQE and past work experience. Let us know which firm you end up joining
None of you seem to be aware that but Wadia Ghandy has a robust real estate practise and the biggest real estate team having over 75 lawyers. While AZB, SAM, CAM, KCO etc all seem to be doing good work, their teams are mostly playing a supporting role in transactions. For the real and hardcore real state development, scheme developments, real estaye resolution plans, slum and society redevelopment matters, WG is the first choice.
I think WG does have some good hardcore real estate mandates. No two thoughts about that. Money is an issue.

Khaitan has great money and a select few good partners.

AZB has decent money + mix of core real estate matters and corporate side of real estate + mentorship under fantastic partners

CAM SAM and 3L can be skipped altogether

at the end of it all, you pick your poison and choose what matters most to you (money/matters/mentorship) and run with it
For core real estate practice for marquee developers, WG, DSK and DVA. Mr. Federal and viren miskita are senior lawyers and are excellent to learn from.

If money is a priority, Bhaumik at SAM is another good option. Harsh Parikh at Kco is also generally well regarded.

None of the other firms or lawyers mentioned here are sought after by the big players in the RE space. As someone else mentioned, they play a supporting role or are approached because the client is serviced by the law firm in other sectors.
Wadia Ghandy is the answer.

They are exclusively known to deal with the most complex real estate matters and have dedicated floors filled with real estate teams.
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