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Hi. I have received an internship opportunity with the firm next year and I was wondering what is the pay scale like in the Chennai office and if there is any chance of receiving a PPO. How is the work culture overall?
Just an unprofessional and clumsy sweatshop. The pay is peanuts. I wouldn't touch this clown show with a 10 foot pole.
Finallyyy someone said it, I interned here a few years back and had the worst experience. Wrangling with the inflated ego of the HRs and partners was taxing and pointless. On the bright side some of the associates were really sweet
Seconded , If you're based in chennai and looking for a decent real estate practice then go for it, otherwise RUNNN
Just like any other law firm in Chennai. Pay is shit. No scope for growth.

Local law firms in Chennai pays shit. National law firms pays atleast 50% less in Chennai than Mumbai, Bangalore offices.