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A lot of my friends & I have faced this issue. We write to HR and there's no reply. We write to partners & there's equal silence. We want to know if there are partners in any top 10 firm who actually responds....any response. Even rejection is a response bcos somebody bothered to write but at least don't keep us hanging.
Kabhi Ha, Kabhi Na.

No one gives a damn about anyone in this life. Except maybe your parents. Welcome to real world.
Hey kid, firms are on freezes and have become very selective, having to deal with the 2024 batch right now when they overhired 2023. Don't pester around, sometimes merit isn't enough. Wait for the election months to end.
2023 Batch laughing in silence. When did overhiring happen. The market has been sluggish for a long time now. More than a year. And definitely things are worsening. 2024 Batch will have a hard time, harder than 2022 and 2023 batches.
I mean, I got an internship that way so idk why mods have marked this trollish. Secured an internship for January 2024
Partner @T1, anyone cold-mailing me for an internship is getting blacklisted for sure. For the umpteenth time, USE APPROPRIATE CHANNELS.
Kaun hai bhai tu ? Kyu faltu yaha frustrate ho raha hai ? Shaant ho ja dude.
Because I am sick of people like you spamming my work inbox. Get a life, tier-3 students.
Then don't apply and rant here. People like you will never get jobs
You seem like a tier 3 individual yourself. Why accept student requests to connect, if you don't want to see their messages?
No partner would ever talk like this lol. There are so many law students pretending to be partners tgese days on anonymous platform
Thank God I shifted to MBA and don't have to deal with the likes of you! Get a life moron. Tier -3, Tier -2, won't fetch you anything but surface level shallow happiness.

Lots of love,

From a law school & b-school that you can never crack in your entire life
I have actually had a senior partner at AZB write back to me (and inform me that he isn't hiring) so can't accept any further applications.

People like these (who respect you enough to respond) exist folks! (and i am sure he isn't hiring cause there is no attrition in his team due to his professional nature).
My junior partners regularly appraise applicants from various top law schools and they know exactly what I and my fellow senior partners want and what our firm needs (young dynamic individuals with fire and iron in their blood, not the whiny wastrels who populate this forum).. I also get many applicants from my known social circles (politicians, civil servants, fellow advocates, judges etc.) who also need to demonstrate their drive and personality to be considered.

Needless to add, a cold email from a random person will not receive a response.
It is a rare occurence for most cases. It has worked out for me on some occassions while it hasnt on others. There's no general rule here ki they HAVE to HAVE to respond to you right. so they may or may not.

SAM - definitely try mailing their mumbai GC partners, they reply. there competition law team in mumbai has a sweet partner who also responds to mails. I know of good 5 people in my batch who have gotten internships like this.

AZB - Did not work for me. Had partners reply back saying use HR channels. Apparently worked for some of my juniors. Cant say much.

3Legal - Worked until initial months of this year but apparently they have now gotten back to RCCs and have asked them to stop students from mailing partners.

KCo - Worked for me fortunately but 95% doesnt. I was just lucky. plain simple. partners wont even open your CV, its dependant upon a) your mail and cover letter and more importantly b) their MOOD. Have heard it work out for others, try their bangalore or kolkata office. They take interviews and take interns.

CAM - not going to work out at all. Even if you're lucky then its not worth it because to get placed, you need to go through RCC channels. Like this, you'd at best be able to get a 3 week internship while the mandate for a callback/assessment is a min. 4 weeks. So unless you have a very strong contact, no point in applying.

Indus - does work. has worked for my batchmates in the 3rd year also.

The key is to send mails with some context. They have written something, you have written something or if there has been a development or you've interacted with them in some conference/session then. Send timely follow ups, DO NOT SPAM please.

Its just shooting your shot for most parts, no guarantees though.
These Partners themselves resort to such ways to get new clients.
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I'm the other partner, but for sure I can, unlike you, unless you want to jeopardise your legal career forever with these kinds of comments. Y'all come to us begging for internships and the moment you don't get it, the mask comes off. No wonder why most of our firms have a policy of taking in interns only through RCC or references.

Enjoy a miserable life of staying unemployed, troll.
Haha go ahead and drop your linkedin in next comment. Let's be a Sport !
And you think that the interns who come through RCC or references are any different? How blind can one get?
They are certainly better than random trolls from LI. Anyway, my firm approaches only the RCC's of top colleges, and I bet you ain't from one of them. That's why you and your kind cry here like a sore loser for internships.
Wtf is going on mods, a bunch of law students fighting with tier-one firm partners?
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