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Fairly standard with Indian uni professors, especially at govt. colleges. My two cents from a successful LLM application round two years ago- keep the letter glowing (american unis love hyperbole), with specific examples to back adjectives used. If the letter talks about leadership skills, instances where the prof. saw these skills in action. Love for learning? Examples. Keep every description as specific as you can, and don't use the same tone/ voice you use in your SOP essays. The "show, don't just tell" school of thought.

Aside from a positive description of the student, letter should also describe why the prof. thinks that the student will be a good fit for the uni. (again, specific examples good), and if possible (and true)- a line saying that the prof. has in the past written references for students that have been admitted to the program.

Best of luck, OP!
Thanks a lot for this. I just wanted to ask if the LLM was worth it for you in terms of the money that you paid and the employment opportunities afterwards.
It was, for me. But if your calculus requires you to find a job abroad as a necessity- if your LLM won't be worthwhile without it- it's not the best degree for that. Finding a job is as much a matter of luck and connections and networking as it is about searching really really hard for opportunities and knocking yourself out with cold calls/ emails. Be very clear and honest with yourself about what needs to happen for you for the degree and expenses to be worthwhile.
Publications nahi likhte yeh toh malum tha. But LORs bhi nahi likhte??? Likhte kya hai yeh log?
Tum log assignments nahin likhte ho, woh log bekaar ki chithhi nahin likhte hai. You do realise that it is a completely thankless errand that you are asking them to run as a favour to you.
Yeah, man. None of your faculty publishes. You do, surely? Want to share the citations of some of your published works?