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This is the #1 reason NLSIU keeps topping NIRF. It always gets 100/100 in this parameter, which inflates its score. If you remove this parameter then NLSIU actually dips to 2 or 3.
Is Rhodes scholarship a criteria to NIRF Ranking?

If no, then why can't NLS Get 100/100. As simple as that.
There is no criterion for perception. It's totally random, arbitrary and based on personal prejudice of the chosen sample.
Exactly, what even is the basis for this full perception score.

They even have symbiosis a 100/100 score????
Please don't find logic in any Nirf ranking. It is immaterial. As per NIRF IIT Chennai is number one but reality is something different. Placement wise and by top 200 JEE ranker's choice IIT Bombay is at the top (also as per industry perception).