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moral of the story is once you are out of college and have to choose between spending years in jail (Umar Khalid) or a lucarative assistant professor/ bureaucratic job (Shah Faisal), you would invariably choose the latter.

It is true India is far more secualr than west, secularism is a basic tenant of our country, and muslims have risen to the highest posts like CJI, CEC, President and what not, the problem is the prevailing climate where politicians and their henchmen are creating a divide in society , they are inciting riots, pushing rhetoric that muslims are the reason behind every problem. This has to go if country is to progress.

also let's not look at west for inspiration, for them skin colour matters more than religion, a white muslim will have a better life than a black protestant.
bhai tum log rote hi rahoge. btw where are the impeding muslim concentration camps that will come anytime now since 2014? Wake up and smell the coffee.
So, the absence of camps is the foundation of your argument of the Muslim community being treated fairly in this country? Such lofty standards, much wow!
Yes I'm salman, shah rukh and Aamir. All of us have been targets and Hindus don't watch our movies. We have become paupers.
So, basically Salman et al represents the average Muslim community in the country now? Spoken like a true blue andh bhakt.
Is concentration camp the benchmark for oppression?

You do realize we were under British occupation for 200 years and there was no concentration camps... Do you think we were not oppressed?

People not able to eat what they want, their businesses being attacked, they being lynched, their patriotism being questioned, they being abused for praying or supporting for Palestine, they having no representation in government, these are all forms of oppression.

For the same hate crimes Muslims are prosecuted to the extreme extent of law while Hindus are let off.

Wake up and smell the coffee dude.
If Muslims in India were targeted, Mohd Shami wouldn't have been cheered after every wicket he took for India. If they were targeted, MasterChef Mohd Ashiq wouldn't have been followed so passionately on OTT. There are countless examples
The logical fallacy in these typical RW arguments is so apparent that one wonders if they even attended law classes at all.
Same shami was attacked and declared anti national when he failed to perform in last tournament.

I don't remember any Hindu being attacked for being disloyal to country when they failed to perform.
Why last tournament? In the same semi-final match when he had dropped the catch. There were many tweets calling him deshdrohi and into the team on Muslim quota. When he later became man of the match by picking up 7 wickets, the Viraat Hindu Troll army did not have anywhere to hide.
Even Shahzad Poonawala, Rubika Liyaqat, Shazia Ilmi, Najma Heptullah, Irfan Pathan, Shahnawaz Hussain are Muslims. Ask them if they're targetted or not. All of them will deny.

On the other hand ask Danish Kaneria, he'll say in detail how Hindus in Pakistan are discriminated and attacked on almost daily basis and on institutional basis.
so 5 people who are members of BJP are not being attacked means there is no discrimination?

same shazia was being attacked by supporters of PM modi beofre joining BJP.

Also, pakistan is a failed theocratic state, i'd rather not compare my country to it.

situation of minorities is bad in Pakistan, no one denies it, also let's not talk about Kaneria, the only thing he is known for is match fixing, and his bitterness is showing, he has realized that by making such statements he will attract large bhagwa crowd and get a paycheck from x.
The real moral is that your opinions change when you actually try to educate yourself about a situation instead of just blatantly consuming one sided stories that reaffirm your prejudices. Never stop learning!
It's refreshing to see the likes of Shehla Rashid staying true to their values, openly adapting, course-correcting, and tempering their views with a genuine understanding based on a lived experience of what they once principally stood opposed to. If only the others were less proud and as intellectually honest! Sigh!

In a recent interview with ANI, she delved into the intricacies of her perspective, providing a detailed account of her journey and growth.

Here’s the link -
Mark my words. All the woke students at NLUs/JGLS ranting against Modi will end up joining CAM, advising Adani and cheering on the BJP in elections when they grow up. Let me tell you a true story. There is a certain partner at a T1 firm who was a hardcore communist in college and actually a member of the SFI. His Facebook profile had a photo of Che Guevara. He can now talk nothing other than stocks and shares when you meet him socially. He is also a staunch defender of Modi. One day, I heard him make a remark saying that the government should bulldoze all slums in Mumbai and kick out the slum dwellers.
That makes him a lousy communist, it's not a reflection on the ideology.
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