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I really want to understand what makes NLS diff from other colleges.How do I possibly visit there without any friends or contacts in NLS?
Clat aspirants are allowed for β€˜campus visits’. You cannot/should not sneak anyone in.
Not unless he has a goal to charge money from the commentators to moderate their comments.
You can write an email to Professor Nigam (the Registrar), seeking an appointment and expressing your interest to look over the place once with supervision. He's a nice guy, wouldn't refuse it in all probability.
I don’t talk to mediocre professors. Hire someone like Mark Lemley and then we talk. NLSIU can’t o better.
As someone on speaking terms with Mark, I will let him know about your lofty standards.
What makes NLSIU different are not buildings but the people inside. They represent the cream of the crop. So visit by all means, but focus more on the students and alumni. Look at blogs and vlogs where they describe their experiences.
Used to. Now there are too many people inside and the crop is running short of cream.
Yeah, but how would anyone be able to do that? are there any events nls is organizing that are open for all
before clat/ admissions this last year they had a visiting day. They likely will do that again next year. Write to the registrars office.
It is a public space during the campus festival times. People from all universities go there to take part. You can walk in during that time for sure.
What about other colleges like NALSAR , NLUJ , RMLNLU, MNLU MUMBAI , RGNUL etc.
If you have a friend, they can issue you a visitors card. That's how I got in.
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