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Why does law school always feel like there's more to do? I see my brilliant peers excelling, and it makes me wonder what I'm missing. I've achieved a lot in a top-tier law school and landed a corporate job, but it never feels like enough. I know it might sound ungrateful, but I'm struggling to shake this feeling. Any thoughts or advice?
It will never stop. I work at a T1 law firm and there is always someone better than you - performance, looks, bonuses, material possessions and the list goes on. Just remember to be content w whatever you have and never compare yourself with anyone. Life is too short to live with the thought of "I am not doing enough" because it will never be enough. Enjoy law school, these are glorious days of your youth and there is no coming back after this stage of life. Best of luck!
Made this sound absolutely weird so no one can figure who they are