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Does not have to corporate firm specific, could honestly be any thing, I know that leaves it extremely broad but specifically work where you got the major hands on experience
An associate asked me to find out if my co-intern from another college is "seeing" someone.
Researched on a really interesting proposition in an extradition matter. The facts of the matter and the criminal were as if out of a Bollywood movie! I was able to find something useful through my research as well.
Drafted an IA for rejection of plaint in my 3rd semester, which was filed as is before the city civil court. The property in question was worth the money my entire bloodline collectively had never seen. My senior’s confidence in me gave a much needed confidence boost.
I was given a policy to review which was very sloppily drafted. Suggested a whole lot of changes on redline and they were accepted without any changes by the partner. The policy now finds its place on the website of a giant in transportation sector and I can bet that a majority of the readers must have accepted it too while ticking a pop up menu.
Interned at a firm in the 2nd year. I was working directly under the partner, who was tasked with structuring an international fund from the US to India which should be tax efficient. I was working on 90% of it. Enjoyed a lot.
Worked on certain research for a matter and ended up finding something that changed the course of arguments. I got to sync two or three instances (wrt timelines) and come to a rational explanation that actually started to favour us. Discovered discrepancies while going through docs in a matter where shares were purchased in a loss-making subsidiary. The submissions were elaborately drafted with the Senior Counsel framing them and using the points in Court. This happened in my early years of law school, and somehow made me feel important in the office especially since they started relying on me for the matter. It was humbling and very fulfilling. The sad part is I never got such an experience in other places after that, barring a few.
Worked on the Ayodhya batch matters in the supreme court. This went on till I joined the office and got enrolled and I have my name in a couple of orders AND in the final order πŸ₯³
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