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Trying very hard to not hurl abuse.... 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

Rubbish pitch. On top of that rubbish crowd. You have Wankhede, Eden and Chinnaswamy, yet you choose NAMO stadium Ahmedabad. Why? To satisfy the ego of Jay Shah and his political masters. And what are Jay Shah's qualifications to head the BCCI? A BIG FAT ZERO. This clown must resign...
The stadium name plus the presence of He Who Loves Nehru So Much He Never Lets Us Forget Him. It's difficult to recover from such double blows anyway. But...Modi hai toh mumkin hai! The Kangaroos believed that.
Why was Modi waving his hands and smiling like a clown when we lost?

What have we elected as our PM?
He's literally representing India in an international game. He cannot be seen showing biased emotions. He has to praise the Aussies for diplomacy's sake.
Is that so? Is that why we were playing India hi jeetega during the official break of an ICC tournament? How's that for diplomacy or even neutrality? The truth is that he had gone there to score brownie points during Loksabha election and doesn't really give a damn whether the team won or lost.
Just accept we don't have big game temperament. Australia just too good when it comes to knockout. Kya fayda har world Cup me table topper banne ka.
Real cricketing reasons for the loss:

1. Slow innings by KL Rahul (always maintained he's overrated and a statpadder)

2. SKY (another overrated guy)

3. Non-selection of Ashwin instead of Siraj: would have strengthened both batting and bowling

4. Nonsensical decision to give Shami the new ball and promote Jadeja to 6, changing previous patterns.
Marnus played similarly too KL, after fall of Gill, Iyer, he was trying to act as an anchor with Kohl on the other side and after kohli he tried to stay in the stadium for as long as possible because we didn't have enough batsmen left.

It's very easy to say things after match is over but had they introduced Ashwin and still lost y'all would be saying why tinker with the winning combo.

Also in the past matches Shiraj wasn't getting wickets and was leaking too many runs, and because the total was low they wanted early. Wickets that's why they got Shami early, unfortunately it didn't work.

Also Ahemdabad Crowd is so bad, they stop cheering for players when the game seems to be going on the other camp, it was painful seeing Kohli asking them to cheer.
Kohli engages crowd in all the matches, irrespective of the venue. They are professional players representing their country in WC finals, whether crowd cheer them or not, should not impact their performance. It would be great if we focus on players performance instead of crowd performance.
Shami rocks. Siraj sucks. Also has bad attitude. Not humble like Shami.
Bro I think you are forgetting most important thing. They had 13 pitches to choose from in Motera and chose this black soil pitch.The idea was that our spinners would work havoc on a sluggish pitch.A truer pitch and India might have sauntered perhaps!!

This move screamed defensiveness and cowardice as they did not believe in abilities of our 11 players to counter any pitch and that too after decimating opponents (till and during semifinal)

That made the toss even more important and when they lost it and the pitch became sluggish in first half , they had no answer to the cutters, slower deliveries. All our batsmen actually enjoy pace on ball better and truer pitch might have made it a better if not a fair contest.
Guess nobody on any news channel speaking about that.

Australia on the other hand exploited this very well in first half and even when tested, came counter-punching.
Finals must be in Mumbai. Also acceptable are Chennai, Kolkata or Bengaluru. It was a shit decision to give Ahmedabad final and will be even shittier to give them the Olympics.
Was in Ahmedabad so that they could manipulate tickets and accumulate party fund. They officially did blacks.

- a localite who went to see the match.
Why should the finals be in Mumbai ? What is the issue with Ahmedabad, Pune, Ranchi, Lucknow or any other city ? Why will it be "shittier" to give Olympics ?
Illiterate uncouth trashy crass loud painful

....all these words are there in the dictionary
He was waving when the game was on, not completed. He was the CM of that state for 15 years and has lived in Ahmedabad for more than 35 years, that's his city! He can't even wave? Where have we come down to!

Whom we have elected as our PM? Ask our soldiers, bureaucrats, sportsmen, policy-makers, etc. Also ask people from 80's and early 90's. We have seen times where every festival or occasion, some part of the country was on red-alert for terrorist attack.
Put this on time line, he is 73 now (Born in 1950). He sold tea in trains in Vadnagar railway station when he was believed to be 12 years old, because per his own story, he left house when he was 17. That means, he sold tea at Vadnagar station between 1962 to 1967, however, Vadnagar Station was built in 1973. Then per Modi himself, he went to Himalaya, lord knows for how many years. He ate "Bhiksha Maang ke" for 35 years, He studied MA in Politics from Gujarat University or Delhi University (no classmate is found till the date), and he was Gujarat BJP sangathan Mahamantri from 1988 to 1995. National General Secretory from 1995 to 2000 and CM of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. So, from 1950 to 1988 (38 years) , He caught crocodiles in Vadnagar, He sold tea, He studied till MA, He went to RSS Sakhas, He went Himalaya and lived in some caves and meditated, went to USA and UK on tours, while eating "Bheekh" maang ke for 35 years out of those 38. And one day in 1988, he became Gujarat BJP's State General Secretory .... What a scamster PM india has voted for ...
Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha. BCCI jaisi pitches banata hai uss hisaab se India should be banned from hosting international cricket events.

And not just pitch, but the entire field. Players go for a skid in order to stop a ball, aur soil ukhad ke bahar aa jaata hai.πŸ˜‚
Please stop pouring your woke vitriol on Modi and Jay Shah, because they had nothing to do with the defeat. Our team let us down: Rahul, SKY, Siraj etc. You expect to win when someone treats it as a test match and scores 66 in 106 balls?? When someone treats it as an IPL match and goes for silly scoop shots every ball?? When someone bolls lollipop after lollipop??
Dude I never said anything about Modi-Shah duo. Stop assuming things. Pitches in India have been pathetic from a very long time.

Kya law firm mai kaam karte ho kya jo dimaag hila hua hai aapka?πŸ˜‚
Over confidence plus fear plus too heavy burden of expectations - psychological collapse and defeat.

Shreyas and Shubhman Gill - Irresponsible out

Rohit Sharma - needed to be more careful, this was not any other match

Kohli - same thing

KL Rahul - waste
Aur 10 games jeetne ke liye kaun responsible hai? Team home ground Ahmedabad ma nahi jeet paayi to Jay Shah ki galti? What is the guarantee that team would have won the final in any other ground. Appreciate the performance, just one bad day unfortunately that was the final.
Internet slams Ahmedabad crowd for 'disrespecting' players during World Cup final
It was BCCIs fault to have such a rubbish slow pitch to trap aussies. Why would you think about opponenets weakness when you can be focused on our team’s strength. Why have a pitch which differs so much in 2 innings and toss becomes a crucial factor. Our team was more than good to win on a normal batting friendly pitch w little assistance to bowlers in both innings. As Ricky Ponting said, we fell into our own trap that we set for the aussies. This loss will hurt a lot cause this wc was purs to win and we bottled it mainly due to extrern factors.
Kya appreciate kare? What's the use of topping table every time when they don't have balls to soak pressure in knockouts? Itna paisa h, IPL h, talent h. What's use?
Film stars and politicians, especially latter have spoilt this once noble game. Unfit people are administrators.
han bhai, blame everyone except the players. Maybe stop treating those 11 people like gods and hold them accountable too for their utterly sub par performance?
This why I have a problem with Gen Z. You people bring ideology into everything and refuse to see things rationally. Please understand that the same thing would have happened at Wankhede or Eden. Don't blame the pitch. Rohit Sharma batted very well, then just minutes later the others flopped, then just minutes later the Aussies dominated.
You guys changed the pitch throughout the tournament for the betterment of your team! Yesterday the pitch turned against your team. Your team was great, you could easily win the cup without manipulating the pitch. Pitch manipulation did NOT allow your team to be used to play in a traditional sub-continental pitch. Men in blue became Men in RAIN!!!!!!!

Earlier, you have done many times unethical tactics against Bangladesh, this is all about GOD gifted punishment.
A. Finals

Australia raised their game for the Finals. They had plans for each and every player for each segment of the game. They must have saved at least 3 boundaries in first 5 overs which lead to Gill's downfall and Rohit pushing the envelope in last two balls of the PP to take the advantage. Here are few instances which led to our downfall: 1) Deep Point, bowling outside off-stump: Australia's had deep point for Rohit in PP which gave the bowlers the liberty to bowl outside off (Starc) and followed it up with bouncers with Deep Square, Rohit almost fell in the trap twice. Their fielding was top notch, as per my count, at least 6 boundaries were saved in first 10 overs.

2) Maxwell in PP: Ideally we see captains introducing spinners after PP, however, Maxwell was introduced within 10 overs despite RS and VK in middle. Cummins made him purchase the wicket for few boundaries / sixes. Rohit fell in 9.5 overs, we just had two more balls for PP to get over. In my view, we lost the momentum when RS fell, according to me, RS in middle for 25 overs is enough for any opposition to unsettle their bowling but team management has other views.

3) 15 to 30 overs (no pace): Australians mixed the pace well during the middle overs. This move not did unsettle Virat with his momentum but eventually led to downfall of Iyer. Virat had to struggle for boundaries due to lack of pace and outstanding fielding, however, with downfall of Iyer, KL and VK had to rebuild.

4) KL tied up: Australians came well prepared against their last match nemeses - KL Rahul. They no only kept it tight but even the shorter balls planned with short square leg and short fine leg in place. He was not fed anything on good length outside off, everything was short of good length or short and at the stumps which made it really difficult for KL to play horizontal bat shots due to lack of bounce and pace.

5) Final overs: They had a plan for SKY! He was bowled short but only off cutters. This did not give him any pace to play behind the bowlers or WK. Infact one of the upper cut did not go for boundary but to the third man, as third man was strategically placed behind the gully/third slip instead of being fine.

I can go on but it will be too long. Australia owned the first half! Cummins was terrific with his captainship.

India's bowling:

I do not have much to add. I feel we were not up for the game. We tried too many things to make things happen. Except for Shami and Bumrah, the bowling was toothless. They nullified the impact of Jadeja and Kuldeep by rotating the strike consistently. I felt we had to create the opportunity instead of waiting for things to happen, when spinners were bowling. Having said that, Travis Head was lucky throughout the innings. There was no foot moment, no trigger movement, getting beaten by the pace, etc but it was his day, from the catch to batting innings, he was terrific.

Conclude: India lacked to raise the game for finals. It felt that management wanted to follow the same template as they have been doing over for 10 games and wait for the things to happen but Australia prepared well, tactically and executed each plan to perfection.

According to me, these were the reasons for our loss.

B. Social Media Drama

1) Pitch: Irrespective of the pitch, we are suppose to perform and deliver. One cannot say that the court is in remote area with lack of parking space, I cannot visit and defend my client or that's the reason for loss. That only shows the immaturity of the viewer. Semi final was played on similar pitch. Australia ends up winning all the finals irrespective of the format, they must be doing things differently, need to learn from them.

2) Jay Shah: I am no one to judge and comment on his qualification / experience. I have no idea from where he has jumped to the scene in last couple of years. It feels like he has been parachuted in this set-up. Last I saw, it was Niranjan Shah, followed by Jaydev Shah in the race for helm of affairs at BCCI but it was Jay Shah who eventually won (for obvious reasons). I don't think he has done any harm to game, its just that people in the cubicles are jealous of him and of every other kid who father is rich and powerful! I am sure we all must have advised or advising the Companies whose promoter happens to be a promoter as his dad is the actual 'Promoter'. He COULD be one of them.

3) Stadium and Crowd: We need to understand that we are hosting a marquee event where the whole world is watching. This will have direct impact on all the stakeholders and also gives us an opportunity to showcase our capabilities. Therefore, to put our best foot forward, invariably it will be Ahmedabad, as its the biggest and most advanced stadium in India. I think BCCI is trying to compete with the likes of MCG - Australia, Lords- England, Jo'burg - S. Africa.

Crowd, I am hearing this for the first time, where we are discussing 'Crowds' of various stadiums. BTW recent two editions of IPL was won by the team from this city, but there was no discussion of the 'rubbish crowd' ever. What wrong did the crowd do ? I mean have they been given any role in the stands for which they have paid ? People all over from India has flocked to the city, we need to also acknowledge the game had no momentum in India's favour except for few overs. Eden is also great option but lets not talk about its history with ICC events.

If we go by social media verdict, I think all the games should be played at CCI, forget Wankhede. :)
Team like Australia always play the πŸ‘Œ Best in Last and you may have a chance to Beat Aussie, with Leaders like Arjuna! And definitely not with, No qualifications people like.........,

I get paid for writing for various websites, in India and Overseas. Pays more than my job as a PA at Tier 1. This is copy paste and edit:).

Kya kaam sikha bhai law firm se ?!
Ahmedabad is only the 5th largest city & doesn't deserve the status for a WC finals event ! It's a political decision which let down the country ,influenced by sheer Megalomania & myopia ...
agree final should have been in wankhede and this shah needs to resign
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