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The stadium name plus the presence of He Who Loves Nehru So Much He Never Lets Us Forget Him. It's difficult to recover from such double blows anyway. But...Modi hai toh mumkin hai! The Kangaroos believed that.
Why was Modi waving his hands and smiling like a clown when we lost?

What have we elected as our PM?
He's literally representing India in an international game. He cannot be seen showing biased emotions. He has to praise the Aussies for diplomacy's sake.
Just accept we don't have big game temperament. Australia just too good when it comes to knockout. Kya fayda har world Cup me table topper banne ka.
Shami rocks. Siraj sucks. Also has bad attitude. Not humble like Shami.
Finals must be in Mumbai. Also acceptable are Chennai, Kolkata or Bengaluru. It was a shit decision to give Ahmedabad final and will be even shittier to give them the Olympics.
Was in Ahmedabad so that they could manipulate tickets and accumulate party fund. They officially did blacks.

- a localite who went to see the match.
Why should the finals be in Mumbai ? What is the issue with Ahmedabad, Pune, Ranchi, Lucknow or any other city ? Why will it be "shittier" to give Olympics ?
Illiterate uncouth trashy crass loud painful

....all these words are there in the dictionary
Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha. BCCI jaisi pitches banata hai uss hisaab se India should be banned from hosting international cricket events.

And not just pitch, but the entire field. Players go for a skid in order to stop a ball, aur soil ukhad ke bahar aa jaata hai.πŸ˜‚
Dude I never said anything about Modi-Shah duo. Stop assuming things. Pitches in India have been pathetic from a very long time.

Kya law firm mai kaam karte ho kya jo dimaag hila hua hai aapka?πŸ˜‚
Aur 10 games jeetne ke liye kaun responsible hai? Team home ground Ahmedabad ma nahi jeet paayi to Jay Shah ki galti? What is the guarantee that team would have won the final in any other ground. Appreciate the performance, just one bad day unfortunately that was the final.
Kya appreciate kare? What's the use of topping table every time when they don't have balls to soak pressure in knockouts? Itna paisa h, IPL h, talent h. What's use?
Film stars and politicians, especially latter have spoilt this once noble game. Unfit people are administrators.
80% of the crowd was right wing. What else we can expect from them? IQ below 60.
han bhai, blame everyone except the players. Maybe stop treating those 11 people like gods and hold them accountable too for their utterly sub par performance?
Team like Australia always play the πŸ‘Œ Best in Last and you may have a chance to Beat Aussie, with Leaders like Arjuna! And definitely not with, No qualifications people like.........,

I get paid for writing for various websites, in India and Overseas. Pays more than my job as a PA at Tier 1. This is copy paste and edit:).

Kya kaam sikha bhai law firm se ?!
Ahmedabad is only the 5th largest city & doesn't deserve the status for a WC finals event ! It's a political decision which let down the country ,influenced by sheer Megalomania & myopia ...
agree final should have been in wankhede and this shah needs to resign
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