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See judiciary does look like a Good Job , trust me work pressure is there too. Plus govt salary hardly ever catches up with inflation.

Frequent transfers to small villages and districts and incompetent lawyers will frustrate you too. Once u intern or work in Trial courts u will get to know how bad state of Judiciary is.

Reminds of another point, Infra. Judicial Infrastructure is TOOO bad.

Dont waste golden years running after Swarn Mrig.
@formeraspirant what are you doing now? How did it go for you? What can someone who’s given a year or two to the preparation go for? Do u feel u did justice to the preparation??
A lot of what you asked is private info. Would not answer. I appeared for 2 interviews.My friends are still appearing. There is much fixing behind the scene. Who knows you may get lucky.
But still would help if you could tell what are u planning to do after preparing for this time. The purpose to ask this is to get an idea what can I expect after giving 2 years to this exam and not working for that time.
that makes no sense, there are more women judges in the recent DJS batch than men fyi
Not just DJS. In every state man/woman ratio is not more for man. Point is the service is not that monetarily lucrative in the longer run . I stopped preapring after I got inside circle of Justices of HC thru friends and colleagues. After LPG of 1990s, corporate world has a LOT to offer.

Big4/MAANG/GC jobs in MNCs are kickass.
Serving the society. Bringing a positive change where it really matters- trial courts.
stable job, stable salary, you are looked after if anything happens (the general perks of a government job). additionally, there is independence in judiciary which is not found in other govt areas - i.e, no one 'sits' on your head like partners in law firms do. no one can tell you what to decide in a case, it is your field in your court completely.
Everything in this world is relative. Judicial service is independent in relation to services like the IAS and IPS where there is huge interference by the political masters on an everyday basis. If you disobey them, you are given insignificant postings. There's no political interference in the work done by judicial officers.
@the guy who wrote "@above": I'm 3 decades old in the profession and have about a dozen friends who are judicial officers! My dad was in the IAS!
@above : Do you go to court and have your won matters ?

You may be as old London Bridge and your dad would have been PM- it does not make a difference. But do you have own matters ? Or are you a corporate lawyer? How many matters have you argued ? How many bails have you taken ? How mnay injunctions have you argued ?
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