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How exactly do you know the drill, Sir (using term gender neutrally) ? If you would like to be private, you can shoot at email too.
Answering publically would expose me , Sir

Somewhere In Madhya Pradesh / Jharkhand belt.
Ok, thanks for response .
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If you're really ambitious then it's worth it. You'll succeed eventually. But if you don't have that fire/hustle in you, then best to cut your losses and aim for a good MBA.
Firma regularly recruit from private and local colleges in the recent years for whatever reason, barring CAM and SAM.
Then aim for a top 10 B school. The present market everywhere has become very selective due to jobless growth of the economy.
People who downvote this think they deserve to succeed because they have a degree in law. A few years into your career, you will realize that your law school or your marks don't matter. Merit in the real world is hard work and dedication.
Thanks for writing it our @A2 In Taxation .

I am someone who is aspiring to do CA . I would love to talk one on one with you. How should we get connected?