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He's either completely delusional about the real world works or else a very good prevaricator.
Going by information available in the public domain, J Surya Kant is not from a privileged or connected family and was a first generation lawyer. So perhaps he speaks from experience?
He did not say that it is his personal experience. It is certainly not how the system works. He's old enough and experienced enough to know that. These people spout out such platitudes to make the mass believe in the elusive ambrosia story. What's he supposed to say? If you want to apply to my chambers for a clerkship, call X to make that happen?
true, he's from my village in Haryana, our local celebrity. Comes from a very humble family.
Jhoot hai sar Sar jhooth.



Good family background

Everything matters
Judge saab ko bolo pehle apne chamber mein reference se internship lagwana band karein
Whenever I hear such things, my mind starts playing Anil kapoor from nayak- " Sab k sab chor hai sale". Not far back, a video of judge was leaked drinking milk, must be very thirsty guy. In the end, judge, politician, lawyer everyone is a human. All are serving their personal interests.
I don't disagree.

But the saying that "You will have to work twice as hard to get half as them" is equally true.

Also it's funny how he says that there is no need for background but his literal boss is his boss primarily because he is son of a CJI.
Fxxing ivory tower BS ! Statements like this piss me off. As someone who's been semi employed for half a decade. Giving exams here and there. Get pennies in court work. Can't go independent. Can't get into firms. Can't crack exams. And I'm not alone. Law has become so oversaturated yet nepotism still exists.
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