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You meant NIRF Rank 18 NLIU where cows who have cleared CLAT, take admission?
@mod: Troll kyu mark kiya hai aapne ? This is not troll post please.
There are so many NLUs. You should introspect why you didn’t get into one. That said non NLU folks are still getting hired. Might have to start at 20-25K.
Only 2000 seats in Nlus and clat takers are more than 100000.Wobhi top 7 Nlus ko chodkr baki sare are no longer worth joining.
dont know why mods have marked this as trollish but yes, the job market is really bad. our economy is in depression and our govt. is in denial. not just for lawyers, even in private engineering colleges placements have reduced by 30-70% and yes, even the few good jobs in the legal field are kept only for the NLUs. dont know why the obsession, the NLU students ive met are all very average in knowledge and intelligence, seems to be artificial hype or the lack of an alternative brand name.
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