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After filing a police complaint a few days ago alleging that Mahua visited his house using Pinaki’s car, Jai Dehadrai tweeted the below messages yesterday. Everyone knows what “Canning Lane” means. But what I don’t get is this: why is Pinaki being mentioned so often? His party BJD is pro-BJP and he has spoken in favour of Modi in Parliament. Nothing in his court practice (that I know of) shows any affinity for the Congress or TMC. Maybe Shardul Amarchand has briefed him, but they brief all the big lawyers! So what’s the deal exactly? Is any lawyer briefed by SAM an enemy now? What’s the gossip in court circles? Any connection with mining projects in Odisha perhaps?
Jai Dehadrai's now-deleted tweet calling Mahua "Mrs Chandraswami" is interesting. The real Chandraswami was one of the most famous fixers in the history of India, who posed as a sadhu. Pinaki was Chandraswami's lawyer and close advisor for many years. In the tax case below, Pinaki admits he made 22 foreign visits with Chandraswami.

Interesting reference.
BJP accuses Pinaki Misra of helping TMC MP Mahua

In a Press conference here, BJP leader Manoj Mohapatra, while showing a photograph featuring Misra and TMC MP Mahua Moitra, said, “We want to know the reason behind this intimacy between Pinaki Misra and Mahua Moitra.”

“In his affidavit, Darshan Hiranandani, who gave cash to Mahua Moitra to ask questions in the Parliament, has admitted that he has bought furniture and other luxurious items for her and mentioned the name of BJD MP Pinaki Misra,” said Mohapatra.

Terming Pinaki Misra as the “current account” of Mahua Moitra, Mohapatra said, “We want to know what he has done is anti-people or not in BJD’s language. If it is anti-people, then we demand his immediate expulsion from the party.”

The BJP also demanded that CM Naveen Patnaik, who is also the State’s Home Minister, order an investigation by the EOW in the matter.
And we want to know the reason behind the intimacy between Modi and Adani. Everyone wants something that they cannot have.